Blend S: Bubble Gum


There is nothing like a thick, sweet, juicy piece of bubble gum. You bite into and it bursts in your mouth and then keeps you satisfied for a short period time. How long it keeps you happy depends on the brand. Blend S is a stick of bubble gum. Sweet, juicy and when you take it out of your mouth and throw it away you remember that it tasted good, but it doesn’t leave a lot of impact. Will you buy that brand again and chew some more? Almost a definite yes.

I use the term bubble gum to describe funny and short things that I read and watch. Comic strips, Short joke comic books and cartoon shorts ‘can’ all fit in this category. Not every short funny thing I come across ends up in this category, it has to be a little bit special.

I can see clear signs of Blend S’s origin as a four panel comic strip manga in the anime’s execution. It keeps that joke of the moment feel through out it, and the series as a whole is very episodic, yet there are enough events that carry through to give the series a feel of continuation. There is a good Blend you could say.

The series is about a girl named Maika who can’t find a job because she has scary eyes. In other words she squints her eyes in such a way that she becomes creepy. Strangely enough this signature look of hers gets her a position at a café where the waitresses are supposed to act a certain way based off an over arching trait. Maika is told to act sadistic, since it works with her scary vibe.

Maika works in the café Stiles alongside Dino her manager, Akizuki the cook, and her fellow waitresses Kaho, Mafuyu, Miu, and Hideri. I’ve gone so far as to choose types and flavors of bubble gum and other candys for each of the characters too. (Actually just candies)

Look at these adorable pieces of candy!



Maika is a sour gummy. She is covered in sour flavored powder, but once that’s gone you can easily taste how sweet she is, but she’s still a tough chew. She comes across as sadistic unintentionally due to her lack of tact and grace, but she really is a sweet heart who wants to do what her customers would like best.


Kaho is a sweet tart. The Tsundere of the group, kaho is supposed to come across as a bit mean and uncaring to the customers, but underneath she is a sweet girl who loves playing Video Games. Isn’t a sweet tart the perfect piece of candy to describe a tsundere?


Mafuyu is toffee flavored werther. She is the little sister type and calls all of the customers big brother. Mafuyu is the character that I most identify with. though I took a quotev quiz though that told I was more like Kaho. (I don’t give much credence to quotev quizzes)Like Mafuyu I can appear younger then I actually am, especially since I am short. We also fully embrace our obsessions, while still appearing to be rational in the face of others obsessed with the same thing. I like the taste of black coffee and her birthday is in the same month as mine.


Miu is a fireball, one of those spicy cinnamon candies that you either really like or spit out the second it hits your tongue. She is the older sister type and dotes on all the people that come into the café, though not always in the most appropriate way. Miu writes hentai manga and uses the customers and the staff as inspiration for her work.


Hideri is a Kit Kat. I do not actually know why Hideri insisted upon being a Kit Kat but it is so! Hideri is the idol character of the group and as such is working in order to gain followers for a future career and avoid having to work on the family farm. I actually disliked this character a little bit, not really sure why, but luckily Hideri doesn’t show up until later in the series. My favorite quote is from Hideri though. “I have to go pick daisys.”

And I’m actually going to stop there. I don’t really feel like trying to figure out what type of candy Dino or Akazuki are. In fact, they may very well not be candy at all, I Imagine Dino is more like a bread product and Akazuki is savory spicy.


I enjoyed every sing episode of this equally. It never lagged for a single second and I laughed so hard at every single clichéd character and clichéd joke. I haven’t really seen a series like this before, so it was something new for me, but I’m not sure I’m going to actively seek out another one. I will probably rewatch this series again, because, well to be honest I felt like crying when it ended and I would actually be very happy if they did a second season that continued with the same narrative and feel.

I looked at the manga and it seems to be pretty much panel by panel the same as the anime, which isn’t a bad thing, but without the color and voices and music its just seems lackluster. Maybe I’ll check the Mangaka’s other work instead ‘Spirits and Cat Ears.’

12 thoughts on “Blend S: Bubble Gum

  1. I really like the way you handled this review 😊 Comparing it to a stick of Bubblegum was very original and it made it a very enjoyable post to read. I’m not quite sure if this would be a series I would watch, but despite that, I usually am a person that likes to give anything a go at some point, so I just might do this eventually 😉 Great post😀

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  2. Why did you have to go and write such a convincing review for a show I was sure would be terrible on the surface? It actually sounds pretty good now and I’ll have to check it out! Sometimes shows can use tropes to their advantage and it looks like this show might be able to do just that!

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  3. I’ve just watched the first episode of Blend S. It was pretty funny but I think I’ll hold off watching anymore until I’ve finished evangelion, it was fine but didn’t hook me enough to make me continue.

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      1. Yeah it is one of those shows. I thought an interesting plot idea might be that once she’s hired she scares all the customers away and the whole show is spent trying to fire an innocent kid, but that obviously isn’t what the show was going for! It does have a charm that I like anyway and the surprising nature of the jokes was pretty good!

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  4. This is the first time I’ve realized that they never gave a last name to Dino. Now I feel sorry for him, even though he’s clearly lusting after a minor during the show.

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