My Five Flaming Hottie Hubbys: Tag

I was happily reading another post by Irina on I Drink and Watch Anime expertly titled The Playing Sexeh Tag!, which you should read, when I got to the bottom of the post and registered that my name was there in little red letters.

Thank you very much Irina for tagging me! Tags are incredibly fun! Someday, I would like to create one. Not only is this tag fun, but it’s perfect for me. I hardly had to think at all when making my picks.

The Rules (I’m pulling a page out of Irina’s book and copy pasting them)

  1. Mention the name of the blog you were tagged by, as well as the creators of this game Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts  to all blogs involved and including the picture above.
  2. List five of your greatest hotties from TV and/or film, i.e. crushes/objects of your affection, including musicians or sports stars too.
  3. Tell us how you were introduced to them and why you like them/what appeals.
    Add some appealing pictures.
  4. Tag seven bloggers for their Five Flaming Hotties.
  5. Post the rules.

two down, three to go.

Unlike in Irina’s post, which features Anime hotties, you won’t see any Anime characters today. My picks and I go way back, long before I ever watched any Anime. It’s not like I don’t find any anime characters hot, its just that I haven’t connected with any of them yet like I did with these fellas.

  1. Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing



Lets start with the guy who began it all.

When I first watched Batman Forever I thought that Chris O’Donnell was the hottest thing since Chilly Cheese Fries. I dedicated my young brain to the task of memorizing his name so I would never forget it and then I never saw him in any other acting role. I still haven’t and I really need to watch NCIS Los Angeles.

My obsession with Chris O’Donnell went in a completely different direction after that, since I couldn’t obsess over him as an actor in any other role my affections switched from being souly for him to being for the character of Dick Grayson. dick

It was with DC Animated Universe version that I first began to imagine having as boyfriend and then began to write fanfiction about. I guess you could say he was my first Husbando.

Once I learned he played the guitar in the 70’s comics I was never going back.

2. Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock


While I will watch Benedict Cumberbatch in any role he’s in (Even in Zoolander 2) over the years I have a rule that won’t allow me to imagine being close to him. He’s married. It’s a strange personal rule to follow, but I don’t really have to think about it except when I talk about it, I follow it unconsciously. I even follow it in regards to fictional characters. For example I can imagine myself breaking through the psychological walls of Sherlock and becoming his girlfriend/wife, but John’s out, because I will always imagine him with Mary.

Sherlock’s curly hair and the brain beneath it make me think of him as being incredibly hot. He doesn’t realize this, but I also secretly ship him and Molly.


3. Lex Luthor from Smallville


Lex Luthor is in my opinion the sexiest fictional bald man alive and I like bald men



Let’s add Michael Rosenbaum’s awesome sexiness to that and you really can’t get any better! Except you can because he’s only third on the list. I adored Smallville and asked for a season every year for Christmas until I finished season seven. For the longest time I thought I was watching the show for my Tom Welling fix, but then after Lex left I realized that I didn’t really care for show as much after that.

I like being able to feel for this version of the character, you are literally watching his slow descent into corruption and it is hard. You just want to pull him away from all the strings that are being pulled.

I also like Rosenbaum in his voice role as the Flash from DCAU. I just want to say that Flash is number seven by the way, right after Beast from the X-Men 90’s cartoon. Why hasn’t Rosenbaum ever done any Anime voice acting? Seriously?

4. Spock from Star Trek The Original Series

spock 2

There’s an unspoken tradition in my family that all females have to have a crush on a character from Star Trek TOS. For everyone else their eye candy of choice is Captain Kirk and I can’t blame them, but I’m not just some chip off the old block, I’m different and that difference means I go for the green blood and pointy ears.

His stoic demeanor can fall away to reveal someone who can be incredibly vulnerable at times and yet still be strong. His rare smile melts my heart. Spock is one of those characters that you just know if they were real they wouldn’t look at you twice no matter how much you chased them, but damn your going to chase them anyway.


Bonus pic!



5. Loki from The Marvel Movie Universe

lokiHere he is, the cruelest villain of the entire Marvel Universe, because he dared to make millions of women fall for him only to make them cry.

I tried to avoid falling for the god of lies and mischief ,as played by Hiddleston, for a long time, because for the first time everyone else was swooning over a character I liked in mass. Other then with Cumberbatch, who came after, I had never been one to like the same guy as everyone else. That being said I didn’t last very long.

Sometimes Evil is irresistible. Yet I like him because he can come as almost being someone you can sympathize for. I realize that he had already set some awful plans in motion at the beginning of the first Thor movie, but I like to think he really went off the deep end when he discovered his true origins.

This weekend I’m off work and I’m going to go see Thor Ragnarok and I swear if Loki makes me cry one more time… I’ll just cry… darn him!


Lets start with Krystallina!  Krystallina is always sharing the most awesome Anime and Manga related deals. Since she seems to be such a big Manga fan I’m going to give her the A.O.K to talk about some of her favorite Manga cuties.

Hell Combat .com As Hell combat is an artist I’m really hoping he’ll be inspired to illustrate a hottie post. I will wait patiently until all the art for it is done!

Oishi I haven’t been reading her posts much lately, mostly because they are all episodic reviews for episodes I haven’t watched yet and that I’m planning on watching. I would love to read her choices here.

Beastonwriting is a beast when it comes to writing, he really is good and he occasionally hands out some really good tips (I have them bookmarked). Here’s something new for you to write about!

Fiddletwix That moment when you realize you thought you were following someone already. Fiddletwix Tell us who your hotties are!

ChaoticLass Since this tag includes Music artists and she’s a huge K-pop fan…

Merlins Musings I really think Merlin would have fun with this one. He just got tagged for the unique blogger award! Then he tagged Irina and I can’t wait to see her reaction either… hehe


I tried changing the color for my links but it only worked on a couple of them, so just click on the bolded lettering.

Nanoblogging word count: 3,950




10 thoughts on “My Five Flaming Hottie Hubbys: Tag

  1. You pretty much have three of my favourites on your list(well, my list is actually really long). Especially Benedict, I really shouldn’t be lusting over a man who’s two decade older than me. And I ship Sherlock with Molly.
    From what I figured, your type is basically the intelligent and awkward ones?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Pretty sure for the same reasons. I mean look at Hiddlestone and Benedict, they’re both very intelligent in real life too, and posses great sense of humour. How can you not like them?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice list! 😀 I am totally with you on the Robin/Dick Grayson thing. I was basically the same way. As goofy as Batman Forever and Batman and Robin were, Chris O’donnell made me want to watch those movies every time they were on TV. Especially when he was briefly in that ice version of his suit. Ice puns be damned, he looks good in ice colors. Ever since then, I’ve really grown to love Robin/Dick Grayson/Nightwing as a whole.

    Thanks for the nomination! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If I leaned that way, I would probably find Loki attractive too. He’s handsome, sleek, charming, intelligent, mischievous, cunning, witty, *confident* (that’s a big one), strong enough to bring the Avengers together (the heroes are only as great as the villain, so if the Avengers rock, it’s because Loki rocks), a little broken, and devoted to the people he cares for (like Frigga). Yeah, small wonder he’s so popular with the girls. 🙂 (and it’s not like my hotties are all going to be straight arrows either…) 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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