Fruits Basket Episode Four: Violent Affection

I think episode four is the first one I’ve hole heartedly enjoyed in its entirety. I didn’t watch it looking for hints at what is to come, I enjoyed it moment by moment as the story played out. Unfortunately, my window of opportunity for watching and then reviewing these is getting pushed back, due to the dawning realization that next week I have finals. Oh the horror!

In episode four we get to meet Kagura –a girl who is both a member of the Soma family and the zodiac– and see her violent, one sided, but utterly devoted love for Kyo.

Kagura Soma

Things are a bit rocky here as she quite soundly beats Kyo to a pulp; though I couldn’t tell if her violence was a result of devoted passion or anger. She definitely has issues that’s for sure, but I wouldn’t change this feisty girl. I wasn’t sure what to think of her in the manga, but here amongst the other characters she really shines.

As a member of the Zodiac she is able to hug all of the other boys without fear of either of them changing, which Torhu finds disappointing as this means she doesn’t get to see Kagura change into her animal form. Of course, this spurs a little competitive streak in her as she decides that she is going to guess which animal each person represents.

This episode mostly focused on the Soma’s and Torhu dealing with another female presence in the house. Kyo obviously doesn’t like Kagura in the same way that she likes him and she makes the other members of the household feel a little bit awkward. When she first meets Torhu she decides to view her as a rival, thinking she likes Kyo.

Torhu and Kagura go shopping

Torhu of course, ever the sweetheart, helps Kagura out when a dinner the poor girl makes doesn’t go quite as planned and the two bond in a beautiful way.

Kyo and Torhu rooftop scene

We also get to see some great Torhu Kyo interaction that definitely made me smile and reminded me just how much I love these two characters and how they interact with each other. We get to see a softer and more, not vulnerable, but genuine side to Kyo. The heartfelt storytelling felt much more meaningful to me here in this episode with the contrasting humor and action.

I want to take a quick moment to say just how much I’m enjoying the music for this series! Its one of those things that I often forget to touch on or have to force myself to talk about. When the episode was coming to a close though, I realized just how perfect the music seems to fit and I really just wanted to say something about it. No matter how brief.

I’m only a few days away from episode five and I’m really excited for it. Hopefully I’ll pump out my review a little quicker, before finals bog me down for the week.



Until Next Time, Always Make Your Heart Rainbow!

One thought on “Fruits Basket Episode Four: Violent Affection

  1. I HOLE heartedly enjoyed this episode as well. The boar is just adorable.
    and I love revisiting the old characters I once saw in the old anime back when I was a kid. I am old. hahaha

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