Fruits Basket Episode Three: The Pickled Plumb

If I wasn’t already familiar with this story and where its going I would be considering the three episode drop rule right now. The episode continued on with the drama and odd humor I saw in the previous few episodes. I am again reminded of how much effort it took for me to become invested in the manga. Still, I know how much this story paid off for me in the end and how satisfied I was with it. It was one of highlights of my summer reading. Because of my familiarity I did find many things in the episode that got me excited to continue watching. The appearance of characters that will be important and lovable in the future like Momiji definitely got me excited.

Momiji Fruits Basket


I find it a bit odd that I still don’t enjoy the beginning of this story. It really isn’t doing anything wrong that I can really pinpoint specifically. We see Kyo and Yuki as they struggle through day to day life, both locked up in their own cages and envying the other. Its sad to view two young people suffering in so much self doubt, and touching to watch another person come along and try to show them that they are indeed worth something.

Kyo and Yuki Soma are both special

Yuki envies Kyo’s way with people and how he interacts with them. Yuki feels as if he holds himself at arms length and believes that the kindness he does show people to be fake. Torhu kindly speaks with him and tells him that everyone’s kindness is different. It is a lesson that her mother taught her and I love how much of an impact her mother still has on her life despite her death.

Torhu’s mom tells her to be kind

Kyo likewise envies Yuki because of his status within their family. Yuki is a respected member of the zodiac while Kyo is looked down on as an outcast. He wishes to be accepted and strives to beat Yuki in order to be better then him. No matter how hard he tries though he can’t get the upper hand.

Torhu’s rice ball analogy

It is in her conversation with Kyo that Torhu uses the pickled plumb analogy. It was one of the things from early on in the series that I really enjoyed. Everyone is a rice ball. The rice ball thinks it is a plane rice ball, but in reality it has a pickled plumb on its back. IT doesn’t know this though and envies all the other rice balls because it can see their pickled plumbs. Basically, she’s trying to say that we shouldn’t envy others for their abilities, because we have our own that make us special, even when we can’t see them.

The Pickled Plumb

The episode is inspirational and really drives a point home in that we need to stop trying to be like others and to fall into our own strengths and push ourselves to be better and grow in the areas that we can. It stays on track with this message, driving the point home. Torhu really hopes that Yuki and Kyo can go on to be friends, realizing their own strengths and no longer envying the other. She hates seeing people in conflict and dreams of a day when they can be friends.

Yoki and Kyo Friends

Its interesting to think that these conversations and conflicts only touch on the very surface of the problems these two young men face and I can’t wait to see things unfold in this anime. I really hope that I begin to enjoy the series more, especially since I really can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t in retrospect of writing this review.

Until Next Time, Always Make Your Heart Rainbow!


One thought on “Fruits Basket Episode Three: The Pickled Plumb

  1. I love the umeboshi quote. It just feels….so Tohru. I only know the old anime’s Tohru, but still, I love it.
    Is it uber faithful to the source, this new anime?


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