Apologizing for Silence

Hey everyone! You might have noticed that there haven’t been any posts on my blog for the past month or so. This is in direct contrast to what I promised, a return to the posting schedule I had established during my last school semester. I wish to apologize for my absence and silence during this time.

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances I’ve been spending the past few weeks writing and preparing the posts that you will hopefully be seeing soon. On top of that I’m in the midst of my spring semester, and I have also been sick. Thank you for friends who give lemons to sick folks!

It’s been incredibly stressful and disappointing to have to be writing out my posts during the school semester, but hopefully I’ve made enough headway that I can begin posting starting this Tuesday. Basically in a little less then a week.

You’ll be seeing the continuation of my analyses and comparison of various anime openings. There will be eight more preliminary rounds and then I’ll move on towards narrowing them down. These openings will be from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sword Art Online, Recovery of An MMO Junky, and How to Keep a Mummy; to name a few.

You’ll also see reviews for anime movies every Saturday again. These will begin in a little over a week. I hope you continue to enjoy these reviews like you did in the fall.

I want to say again, just how sorry I am for not posting anything guys. Things have been crazy! I haven’t even been on twitter. By the way, I don’t think I ever mentioned that on here. I joined twitter over Christmas everyone! I haven’t been on it much, but you can find me @shaddowcat99 now.

Don’t ever leave your personal flash drive at home when your going away to school guys! Its a bad idea!


Until Next Time, Always Make Your Heart Rainbow!

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