Down The AMV Rabbit Hole

For the past few days I’ve had quite a bit of fun watching AMV’s, or anime music videos. It wasn’t too long ago that I had to google amv to find out what it meant and not long before that When I thought it was just a generic term that could be applied to any crafted video and music creation that featured materials the creator didn’t create themselves.

I’ve loved these types of videos for a long time. From my days of discovering Filk music (not a typo (actually, technically a typo)), and watching pictures of the comic elfquest put to music; To searching for any video that had Tom Hiddlestons Loki in it, I have devoured any and all homemade music videos encountered on YouTube and other platforms. I even made one with my brother once, which I never shared. Maybe I can dig it out someday, the poor lame thing.

When I became an Anime fan I watched amvs. Mostly Fullmetal Alchemist and Ouran ones, since those seemed to be the most prominent and best made ones I could find featuring the anime I’d watched. I became disheartened though as I came to realize that most of them were poorly edited clips that barely went to music I would never listen to otherwise.

Don’t stop trying folks! There are people that still love your stuff! I’ve encountered my fair share of what some would call poorly done music videos that spoke to me on a personal level!

Because of these videos that didn’t speak to me I became disheartened in my search for amvs and haven’t watched any for quite a while. Right around Christmas though a new Ouran AMV popped up in my YouTube feed. I mean new too, it was made in 2018, which is something for an early 2000’s anime that hasn’t seen new content for a while. (Hey fruits basket is getting remade… could we maybe see something in the future? A girl can hope.)

It’s an extremely well made AMV put to the song “The Other Side” from “The Greatest Showmen”, which I still haven’t seen, but which I want to watch more then ever now.

My fire was rekindled and into the YouTube search engine I dived in order to search for new AMVs to enjoy, but the story was the same and I couldn’t find anything I really liked, outside of videos I’d already seen and enjoyed, like this other Ouran AMV.

I Forgot, as I usually do, to look at content made on the same channel. If I’m lucky the channel contains at least one other well made video that I can enjoy. In looking at VermillionAMV though I found something I didn’t expect. The channel is not the channel of a creator, it is a community channel featuring over 1,000 AMVs in which the creators went above and beyond in their work to make fantastic content. I’ve skimmed the very top of this pool of videos, I have yet to be disappointed and i’d be very surprised if I was.

All of these videos are excellent and I’ve found myself enjoying videos  from anime I’ve never seen, put to music I would never listen to otherwise. Of course there are a few videos that I’ve enjoyed More then others, which I shall now link for easy viewing pleasure until you are convinced to go and seek out this channel yourself.


A Bob Ross remix Combined with creative anime characters! Very appropriately named!


A comedy AMV put to the Muppets version of Bohemian rapsody!


This AMV made me want to watch this anime movie, so I did!


And because Violet Evergarden  seems to be well loved by so many people (I have yet to watch it myself) here is the latest AMV that was posted.


I’m just so happy to have found these. A platform where creators are celebrated for the best they have done. I’ve happily gone down this rabbit hole and run about inside this wonderland of content over the past few days. I just had to share this. Now, hopefully I can pull myself out again and finish writing the reviews I promised everyone.

I hope that in reading this you found something you liked on this YouTube channel! I really just wanted to share this treasure trove I found! Please enjoy!


Until Next Time, Always Make Your Heart Rainbow!


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