New Year, New Horizon

A figuratively new horizon, the landscape i view isn’t changing up much.

Happy New Year! The year just flew by didn’t it? I can’t beleive this is my second post celebrating the new year!

Since this isn’t a end if they year post I won’t bore you with stats and the like, though they did jump up nicely and my most popular posts this year seemed to be my Tada Never Falls in Love episode reviews. No wonder those who do episode reviews have so many fans. Its relevant content!

lets talk today about how my New Years goals from last year did.

You can read last years post here!

last year I had three goals that dealt with anime and manga. 1. Read Fullmetal Alchemist. 2. Read as much SAO as I could. And 3. Watch at least ten studio Ghibli Films.

How’d I do?

As For reading the FMA:Manga I finished that one quick! It was an exciting and fun ride, but I’m even happier to note that it wasn’t the only Manga I finished this year.

I didn’t do as well with SAO. I enjoyed the light novels and I definitely plan to read more light novels in the future, both SAO and not, but I only read the first three volumes this year, due to library issues and time. Still that’s better then how I’ve done on past series I’ve started reading.

I watched  lot of movies this year. A lot. How many studio Ghibli films did I watch? Exactly ten. Not intentionally. It felt like more from all the quality anime films I watched. I actually took stock on the morning of New Years Eve and discovered I’d only watched nine. I quickly watched Kiki’s delivery service before going to work, in a race against the clock.

What movies did I watch? Here they are in order.

  1. Howls Moving Castle
  2. The Cat Returns
  3. Whispers of The Heart
  4. My Neighbor Totoro
  5. Grave of the Fireflies
  6. Only Yesterday
  7. When Marnie was There
  8. Laputa Castle in The Sky
  9. Ponyo
  10. Kiki’s Delivery Service

I’ve written and published my reviews for the first 7. Links are in the titles to each film if your interested. The other three you’ll see coming up in the next few months.

As for my year personally? Things changed  a lot. I lost a good job and Transferred to a new School. Both those things effected huge parts of my life and my blogging life as well. As for this year I’ll plod along. Working the job I have now and going to this new school. They pretty much define the outline of my path right now, but I like the direction I’m going in so I won’t do much to change that.

It was a good year for me, which is more then some people can say. I’m happy, I’m healthy and while I’m not wealthy I’m not struggling either. I like my life. It’s a good one.

I don’t have any new challenges this year. I simply want to keep blogging and having fun as I continue to explore this world I’ve been discovering more and more about in the past year and a half. It’s been a groovy ride so far and I don’t plan on getting off at this stop.

Enjoy The New Year Everyone! I hope it finds you well!





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