Tokyo Godfathers: Christmas Joy

Merry Christmas Everyone! Tis the season of Joy and Cheer! Jesus is born! Hallelujah! I am here to wish you all the best on this wonderful Christmas morning! I hope it finds you happy and well! Hopefully surrounded by loved ones and family! May the Lord Bless you!

I love Christmas! It is such a cheerful time of the year! This year I worked at a large grocery/retail store over the holidays, (closing down yesterday evening, on the only day a year they close, was incredibly fun.) and I have seen more smiling faces this year then I have in a long time. Everyone was so happy, even when we were out of eggnog. I love how this season can give people such joy!

This Christmas I have watched Tokyo Godfathers, the definitive anime Christmas movie. It is a film about three homeless individuals, a middle aged man, a transvestite and a young girl, who receive an incredible Christmas gift in the form of an abandoned child. As they struggle to return the child to its mother they experience an incredible journey that brings families back together. Tokyo Godfathers is a joyful movie. The homeless people, Gin, Hana and Miyuki are making the best of their Christmas and manage to find joy in the season.

This is one of two Christmas movies I have had time to watch this year. A sad fact, but not too disappointing since Tokyo Godfathers is a fun film to watch. If you’re curious the other one is It’s a Wonderful Life, a Christmas Eve tradition in my family.  I am so happy that I was able to set aside the time and watch this movie, even though that time was tight.

This movie has everything it needs to be an excellent Christmas film. It takes place on Christmas day, is filled with Christmas Miracles, gifts and hope. It is a film about family! While searching for makeshift Christmas gifts in the garbage the three main characters discover a lost child and take her home to their cardboard box to care for her. Hana, the transvestite, who has always wished for a child, convinces her/his other two friends to keep the baby, who they name Kiyoko or pure one, for the night so they can be happy.

Watching the homeless friends set out to return this infant to its parents was fun. They encountered so many wonderful people and interesting situations. It is filled with many an ironic coincidence to further the plot, but in such a comedic Christmas film I think this is easily forgivable. These people pushed their abilities and their luck in order to return this child to its family and by some miracle do. The best part of the movie though is watching the other families in the film being reunited as we go along and watching Gin, Hana and Miyuki struggle with their own family situations was heartwarming and sometimes sad.

Our main characters were all wonderfully written, with great backstories and character development. They are changed by the end of the movie from the beginning, but not unbelievably so. Completing the selfless task of returning Kiyoko and meeting the people they do along the way does much to change some of the outlook on their own life, or help them come to realizations they have been denying.

The music and the animation both fit the story of the movie so well. The animation is often exaggerated, but not in the same style I usually see in anime, keeping the basic look of the characters and just stretching out their features was a great way to really get emotion across. The designs in themselves were well done and fun to look at. It is not a pretty film, in fact I feel like it tries to be a little on the ugly side, but I really liked this look, as we are dealing with homeless people and some ugly truths about their lives.

The music was fun and had a bouncy jazzy pace to it which I absolutely loved and I could see listening to it outside of the film too. It accentuated the goofiness of the film at times when the action was heightened, but it also had a soft side that worked well in the quieter scenes. They even have  a parody version of Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee, that they alter to have a sound that fits the rest of the music in the movie.

I really enjoyed this film and if I had the time every year I would add it to my list of Christmas films to watch year after year. If you have yet to see this fun and heartwarming Christmas anime then I highly recommend it.


Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy New Year Too! May it find you blessed!


8 thoughts on “Tokyo Godfathers: Christmas Joy

  1. this is also THE best Satoshi Kon movie. Next would be Millennium Actress. TG is amazing, because of how playful it is but it still sticks to that defining style of fantasy blurring reality that made Kon such an auteur. Gawd, I miss him so much. I’m glad you enjoyed this movie. Well, hard not to like it. :))))

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    1. My only knowledge of Satoshi Kon comes from a bad joke… what type of veritable is he? Satoshi Korn. I was swept off my feet by the film and glad to know he’s made more films. Thanks for mentioning Millenium Actress cause I plan to watch more of his work now.

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      1. if you plan going down the Satoshi Korn hole, then watch the influential ones first: Paprika and Perfect Blue (influenced Inception and Black Swan respectively), then go for Millenium Actress. also search for “every frame a painting” on youtube about Satoshi Kon. hahahaha

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