Battle of The Ops: Blend S vs Animegataris

Hello and welcome to the Battle of the Ops, where I take two anime openings and pit them against each other in the most objective way I can think of. Two openings from the same show, or from different shows that I consider similar, will be pitted against each other in 11 rounds. Each of these rounds judges the opening on different criteria. Only one can be the winner.


Blend S synopsis via MAL

Animegataris synopsis via MAL


In one corner we have the op that created the biggest anime video meme of the year, Sung  by Blend A, a group made up of the three main characters themselves, we have Bon Appetite!

In the other we have the op for an anime the critiques an entire area of nerd culture, written and performed by the pop duo GARNiDELiA, is Aikotoba!

Two Openings! One winner! Who will be victorious? There is only one way to find out. Lets Battle!


The first Five Rounds will judge the ops based off of their images

Round One: Color pallet consistency and transitions

Bon Appetite decides to use five main colors in its op. Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Mint Green. The first three take priority over the others. These colors each represent one of the maid characters in the show. The majority of the op takes place with a white background that is partially covered by one of these main colors. Connecting these colors to each other and keeping the crisp whiteness gives the op a decent consistency, until you reach the oddly colored rainbow background. The rest of op has a few more inconsistent moments, but they are brief and work into other areas of character development.

Aikotoba also sticks with three main colors for some of its op, pink yellow and blue which are slightly representative of the three main female characters hair colors. It also takes advantage of the crisp white background, but this doesn’t quite work as well, due to the use of more realistic settings and backgrounds too. These shifts to the unnatural white are not done instantly though and have the segue of a close up on the face of our characters. The colors and combinations get more random as the op continues, but nothing appears garish or seems particularly unnatural, just a bit odd.

The Winner is Bon-Appetite


Round Two: Narrative

Bon-Appetite looks to pretty weak in the narrative department, its more focused on its characters and how they interact with each other as well as showcasing different aspects of the show that will be played out. After the title however, this a brief sequence of the girls arriving at and getting ready for their day work, followed by work related antics.

Aikotoba doesn’t seem to have any sort of narrative at all. It almost seems to be polking at the reality of the show itself, showing characters with question marks on their faces. Blurring the line between reality and anime. Doorways. The cat… things one can only look back on in retrospect, but don’t create a particularly clear line of thought.

The winner is Bon Appetite


Round Three: Character Establishment

Bon-Appetite flashes out its very best, as if to say that this is its strongest feature. It begins with the characters stating an attribute, which starts with an s. These attributes are both actual character traits (ex smile, sweet, sadistic, surprise) to the ones the girls put on for their job (basically just sister). It goes on to show that the girls in yellow, pink and blue are primary and that the purple and mint are secondary (and devious in comparison). Little things, like the way the colored tables are set up, the yellow one has a figurine on it, also show little things about the girls. Then there is another lineup of all the girls, and we see their actual personality followed by their put on one, just through expressions and hand gestures. We even see how the manager is a pervert and gets bullied by the girls. Overall the op covers a lot of little things.

Aikotoba seems to be trying, showing its main three first, happy go lucky number one, full of her self number two and bookworm number three. And Then that’s pretty much it. It’s off on the wild adventure, the most we get from the characters are this is a peace sign and some cosplay, nothing else is particularly revealing.

The winner is Bon-Appetite


Round Four: Tone

Bon-Appetite does a good job of capturing the many aspects of the show. First is the shows energy and sweetness, followed by its zany and somewhat sexy side. The ending stage scene represents that it is a show that is here to entertain and its not pretending to be anything else.

One word comes to mind when watching Aikotoba, Sassy. The op is sassy and aware of it. It also looks incredibly fun and confusing. The show itself is definitely sassy, and if you know a couple of sassy people you know that not all sassiness is the same and it can be both good and bad. As for whether or not the show is fun that is an individual decision, but confusing, yes it was, but that’s not something that should have translated from this op.

The winner is Bon Appetite for conveying what the viewer was going to be getting into.


Round Five: Shot Transitions

Bon-Appetite has some interesting scene and shot transitions, most notably when the restaurant unfolds similar to a pop up book. Some of its transitions are slides, but they seem to slide in from an angle or appear from behind a character. When the cuts aren’t that spectacular, they seem to follow from one characters point of view to anothers within the same or even different scenario.

Have you ever closed your eyes tight enough to see the swirling colorful world beneath your eye lids? On some level, the first twenty seconds of Aikotoba feels kind of like that, like your falling through levels of those types of abstract pictures. Watch it enough times and its almost surreal. While Aikotob isn’t the most creative with character shots it is these abstract moments that capture the attention, like this opening and then the spinning doors that carry you to another world. Beyond this its transitions are simple cuts that change from one strange moment to another.

The winner is Bon-Appetite for its creative transitions and character pov transitions.


The next three rounds will judge the op based off of the song choice

Round six: song tone

Bon Appetite bounces in happy and fast and energetic. It’s high pitched and child like sounding singers add a certain immaturity to the song that fits the characters of the show well. It keeps up a fast pace throughout, but it also fails to stick with the typical chorus, verse, chorus in a way that makes it feel unpredictable and sporadic, each portion of the song never sticking around for more then ten seconds. A nice fit for a series that was once a four panel manga.

Aikotoba also bounces in, though a little slower and with a little more attitude. It’s heavy synthetic keys and beats make it sound slightly edgy and different. Which is basically what the show was probably going for, an edgy take and different take on the high school Otaku. Unfortunetly the show turned awkward, while the op remained what it was.

The winner is Bon Appetite.


Round Seven: Lyrics

The lyrics to Bon Appetite are nothing less then an advertisement for the show itself. It welcomes the viewer into the wonderful Oasis that is both and show as well as the in show customers to the resteraunt style. It talks about great food and service, but also tells the viewer they are about to see a slice of life show with some spice, and that you won’t know what to expect from it. Then we get into loving and feeling loved, is it tasty, and it kind of brings home the maid café aspect of the show. It really shows that this was written for the show, rather then just chosen.

Aikotoba is about a person who finds life boring until they met someone else. After that a whole new world unfolded before them like magic. This is very much what happens to the main character in Animegataris, she is boring and then discovers anime and starts the anime club up with a bunch of other people. The song then talks about secret passwords, disagreements and various other things that in some sense happen to the members in the club, but the vibe of the song is that all of this is happening between two people as opposed to a group. It’s a really close match to the show, but not quite perfect.

The winner is Bon Appetite.


Round Eight: Matching the animation

Bon Appetite starts out really strong, with a opening montage of the characters each saying a word that fits them, it’s honestly no surprise this became a huge meme. After this though, nothing fits quite as well. Both the animation and music still move along at the same quick pace and the images change up to match up with a particular part of the song well. The moments where characters are spinning fits really nice with those particular moments in the song. It’s well matched, but it could be a little better fine tuned.

Aikotoba is a great example of matching the animation with the song. Nearly every movement, be it background or foreground is matched with song and it really shows what fine tuning to match up means. From the way the title reacts to the way the characters move, all the way through the animation bounces along with the music. From the written Aikotoba, the spinning doors to grabbing the hand, this op is incredibly well done in this regard.

The Winner is Aikotoba!


The next three rounds are measured via personal bias

For these rounds I’ll stop talking like an announcer and level with you all, since these ones are based off my completely biased opinion. I had to address it somewhere, even if it is more prevalent above then I wish it to be. 


Round Nine: Stuck in my head

Bon Appetite occasionally starts playing in my head for no reason and oddly enough I can never remember which anime its from. Also, if the end theme for the same show starts playing in my head I do the same thing. Sometimes I mix the two up.

Aikotoba also gets to playing in my head quite often, except I find it much harder to shake. It has one of those infectious beats that makes it just keep playing. I’ll be listening to it all day now.

The winner is Aikotoba


Round Ten: My eyes are glued to the screen

I love watching all the cute girls bounce around in Bon Appetite, having fun. The colors and the girls running around make for some pretty fun visuals. It was definitely one of my favorite op’s visually from the fall 2017 season.

While Bon Appetite is one of my favorite op’s visually from 2017, Aikotoba is my favorite op visually from fall 2017. The way everything moves with the music, the way the colors offset each other. Then later, it doesn’t feel like the characters are bouncing around, its more like they’re being bounced around and the energy and lack of logic in it at times is astoundingly fun.

The winner if Aikotoba


Round Eleven:  I like it the song better

The song Bon Appetite is super happy and bouncy and it makes me think of I LUV U from Full Moon. It definitely will never be one of my favorite songs of all time, but I enjoy it quite a bit.

Aikotoba makes me think of a lot of the songs that I listen to on the radio stations while I’m driving around in the car. I enjoy them to a point, but I honestly listen to anime op’s and other j-pop songs to escape the sound that permeates my radio. So, while its ok, it isn’t what I’m looking for in this typ of music

The Winner is Bon Appetite.


Bon-Appetite: Eight Rounds

Aikotoba: Three Rounds

The winner of the battle is… Bon Appetite!


Feel free to tell my if I totally goofed in my verdict and that I’m a complete fool for claiming Bon Appetite as the winner, or tell me this was pretty good judging! Whatever you have to say feel free to put it in the comments below, no matter what it is.


Until Next Time, Always make your heart rainbow!



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