Battle of the Ops: Fullmoon Wo Sagashite

Hello and welcome to the first Battle of the Ops, where I take two anime openings and pit them against each other in the most objective way I can think of. Two openings from the same show, or from different shows that I consider similar, will be pitted against each other in 11 rounds. Each of these rounds judges the opening on different criteria. Only one can be the winner.

Today we will be looking at the two ops from the first anime I ever watched, Full Moon Wo Sagashite.


Full Moon Synopsis via MAL


In the one corner we have the first op to Full Moon, written and performed by the short lived group, “The Scanty”, the first op I ever personally fell in love with, we have, I LOVE U!


In the second corner, also performed by The Scanty, is Full Moons second opening, written specifically for the series and one that I personally dislike, Rock and Roll Princess!


Two Openings! One winner! Who will be victorious? There is only one way to find out. Lets Battle!

The first Five Rounds will judge the ops based off of their images

Round One: Color pallet consistency and transitions

I LOVE U shows us its brightly colored pastels and pretty colors. It has the consistency of being in the same section of the crayon box. It’s transitions to darker colors are done in bits and pieces and contrast nicely to its original pallet. Wait, what’s this? It’s the MC wearing a pretty pink dress while standing in front of a garishly reddish orange Table cloth! Ah, my eyes!

Rock and Roll Princess seems to be going for a completely different approach. It’s going for more realistic lighting and a through the day transition. It’s not screaming one particular set of colors, but it is progressing through the day and giving us different sunlight angles that match the time of day. What’s this nice touch? A spring to fall transition? Very creative.

The winner is, Rock and Roll Princess for its subtle but beautiful lighting transitions. Sorry I LOVE U, you should have watched out for that harsh color contrast.


Round Two: Narrative

I LOVE U pulls out of the station with… Dancing? Windy hair days? Looking at Pictures? Riding on Stars? Umbrellas? Where is the narrative? Are they even trying right now? Seems like I LOVE U isn’t worrying about finding a narrative structure and is going to try focusing elsewhere.

Rock and Roll Princess is going for the age old day in the life, starting out with Mitsuki/Full Moon waking up, going to school and then taking part in her idol job afterwards, and then finally ending with going to bed. It’s not overly creative, but its simple and that seems to be all it needs.

The Winner is Rock and Roll Princess for actually having a narrative.


Round Three: Character Establishment

I LOVE U gives us some nice drawn out shots of each character, with their names even telling us who they are. The question is what’s in a name? Beyond their names it doesn’t seem to be telling us anything about the characters, either as individuals or in relation to each other. Even though the main three characters have two forms each we aren’t even given a chance to see the correlation between the two in regards to the character. I LOVE U is slacking again.

Rock and Roll Princess Once again manages to blow I LOVE U out of the water with its simple premise. Simply showing a day in the life gives a little more about the characters and how they relate to each other. We are even given a chance to see each of their alter ego’s in correlation to each other.

Once again, the winner is Rock and Roll Princess


Round Four: Tone

I LOVE U is filled with sugary sweetness with only one or two moments of down time, which is great for a light hearted magical girl idol series like the ones that proceeded Full Moon, but unfortunately, this series is dealing with tough topics like cancer and would probably do better with images that weren’t all light and cheery. It isn’t a complete contrast either though, because this is still a magical girl series and not a twisted one either.

Rock and roll Princess for the fourth time in a row is using its simple down to earth everyday opening to give us what we are looking for, this time a little bit of seriousness. By adding a bit of an every day vibe and going with a slower pace overall it has a tone much closer to that of the series. It’s still pretty happy, but no so overly much.

The winner is Rock and Roll Princess, for not being too sugary sweet.


Round Five: Shot Transitions

I LOVE U is again showing us the same thing it did for narrative leaving the judge with no way to tie images together. The transitions are incredibly bland, the most exciting being screen wipes and some pixilation. Upon rewatch however, one must take into effect the screen flip at the beginning when the rabbit Meroko and the cat Takuto flipped over. There’s a little creativity here, even if it looks like it was made on windows movie maker.

Rock and Roll Princesses previous win in narrative isn’t going to help it however. While there is a narrative the images in themselves don’t tie very well together one after another and the creativeness with the transitions seems to be even farther and fewer between. There is only one moment that the judge deemed noteworthy, when Mitsuki was spun around, disappeared and reappeared as Full Moon.

The winner is I LOVE U, for having a few more creative moments.


The next three rounds will judge the op based off of the song choice

Round six: song tone

Just as I LOVE U’s images are overly sweet so is the song itself. Again it seems that this song was meant to hail to the completely sugary sweet, no life and death circumstances, of the magical girl idol shows of the past.

Rock and Roll Princess is the opposite of sweet, it’s angsty, moody and full of attitude. It completely misses in having a more serious attitude and also completely contrasts the personality of our main character.

The winner is I LOVE U for actually matching a semblance of the series and characters tone.


Round Seven: Lyrics

I LOVE U sounds like its song would be better suited to a high school romantic comedy. It Talks about wearing pretty clothes and catching the eye of the boy who you see at school everyday. While our main character is a bit of a hopeless romantic, these are far from her circumstances.

Rock and Roll Princess decides to go right for the theme of the show, being a rock and roll idol, again it seems to completely miss the entire idea behind Full Moon with it’s angsty lyrics about revival and being groovy, its at least skimming the top of the subject matter.

The winner is Rock and Roll Princess, for skimming that top and going for the easy grab


Round Eight: Matching the animation

I LOVE U finally gets to shine here, while its neither its animation or song are honestly very well matched to the overall tone of the series itself, they sure as heck manage to match each other. The dancing, the speed of the shot transitions, even the short slow bridge is matched with some of the more emotional shots.

Rock and Roll Princess’s slower beat does go pretty good with the day to day moments, but there isn’t anything truly stands out here. The judge would be a fool, however, to not point out that the beginning of the song and the ending match up perfectly to the movement of the feathers that are falling.

The winner is, I LOVE U, for its stellar match up overall, though the judge notes this was the hardest decision to make as Rock and Roll Princess would have come out on top in many other cases.


The next three rounds are measured via personal bias

for these rounds I’ll stop talking like a announcer and level with you all, since these ones are based off my completely biased opinion. I had to address it somewhere.


Round Nine: Stuck in my head

I LOVE U is a song that can very easily get stuck in my head. It has some easy to remember English lyrics, the same ones that make up the title, and as soon as I sing these I’m off to sing the rest of the song with ease. It will then plague me for hours.

Rock and Roll Princess also has some very easy to remember lyrics that often jump into my head, but with the added annoyance of not being as well liked by me. It’s the type of song that easily gets stuck in my head, but without my input.

The winner is Rock and Roll Princess for being the annoying song you want to get rid of, but can’t.


Round Ten: My eyes are glued to the screen

While I LOVE U’s sporadicness might have caused it to not do so well before, it’s the unpredictability of its images that keep my eyes glued to the screen whenever I watch it. It has an upbeat energy that is fun to watch and I like seeing the characters this way.

Rock and Roll Princess I find to be bland by comparison, with its everyday narrative that saved it before. While not boring it is a lot more predictable and I’m going to use it as my bathroom break.

The winner is I LOVE U for keeping my interest every time!


Round Eleven: I like the song better

I LOVE U was a breath of fresh air for me during the time when I realized that openings were disappearing from American Television, which may have been a good thing, because they’d been lacking originality for the last ten. I loved I LOVE U as song and as an intro and I always will.

Rock and Roll Princess was the first time I experienced ever watching one op being replaced by another and I was not happy. While some opening work just as well or better then the last, I didn’t think this of Rock and Roll Princess and I really don’t like the song.

The winner of the last round is I LOVE U!


I LOVE U: Five

Rock and Roll Princess: six


The winner of the first battle is Rock and Roll Princess by one round.Screenshot_2018-03-14-10-15-27_kindlephoto-130341011.png

This was a hard one to do, especially considering how much I dislike it and how much I like I LOVE U, but I think this proves I can push down the evil beast of bias a little bit for this series.

So? What are your thoughts on my methods? Does this work? I’d love to hear your feedback, even if I’ve already put this format in stone for the next 19 posts in this series. I can always change things up after that though as we begin to narrow the competitors down.

Do you agree that Rock and Roll Princess should have been the winner or was my reasoning completely off and I LOVE U should have taken the medal? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, a little friendly disagreement is ok!

Until Next Time, Always make your heart rainbow!

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