Saturday Morning Movie! New series announcement!

I’ve left for college! Do you want to know what that means? I have zero time to be messing around with putting out blog posts, but likely for you, ever since March I have been working towards making sure my blog is prepared to continue on with out me.

Every Saturday this summer, (except for a small handful) I watched an anime film and reviewed it. Now you will be seeing those reviews. If you heard me say something about a particular movie in your comments section or on my own blog, but couldn’t find my review for it, this is why!

Every Saturday starting next week, up until the beginning of December, I will release a review for one of these movies. They range from old to new, popular to more obscure. Lots of Ghibli movies though.

I wrote these reviews all in the moment. I didn’t put a ton of effort into them, so some will be shorter and some longer, Some will be more structured then others, but all of them will contain my honest thoughts regarding the movie.

I’m so glad I did this, because I watched a lot of really good movies this year and enjoyed them. I’m going that I’ll have the free time in Saturday’s to sit down and enjoy a movie at school to (technically you aren’t allowed to watch movies, but my mom just gave me a phone with unlimited data, so…).

Sitting down in my chair or in my bed with a freshly brewed cup of coffee once a week was heavenly. If you feel like doing the same thing and enjoying the movies I watched or your own choice of film I hope you do. It was a great way to get some me time over the summer.

having these movie reviews prescheduled is also another great way to make sure I’m focusing on my studies as opposed to writing reviews and struggling to post them every week. If you have any suggestions though, please tell me! You might not see the review for a while, but I may just watch the movie, if I can, that very week.

I hope everyone has a great school year, I am currently at school as you read this taking my first classes and learning the ropes. Wish me luck!


Until Next Time, Always Make Your Heart Rainbow!


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