I watched Gudetama, no more anthropomorphic food for me please

Before I went on my hiatus I saw a 15 minute video about an animated egg, Gudetama, pop up in my YouTube feed. Now that my feed is more or less entirely dominated by YouTube’s otaku community I see lots of strange things. Despite being intrigued and knowing a little about it I have it a pass. A few days ago I saw it show up again and figured why not?

I am no stranger to anthropomorphized food, having grown up with the Christian program veggie tales, children’s books about donut dogs and stories revolving around ginger bread men.

I’m not even a stranger to anthropomorphized eggs.

For some odd reason though, Gudetama had managed to unsettle me.

Gudetama is a lazy egg yolk. A cracked open egg with a completely listless yolk that oozes out on your plate. The strangest thing about him though it’s that in not sure if Gudetama knows he is an egg or simply doesn’t care.

Gudetama is usually cooked and ready for consumption. This isn’t the unsettling part though, the unsettling part is that his consumer is present and also aware of his eggs strange state of consciousness. Regardless, it seems to me that the consumer plans on eating Gudetama.

Gudetama is also, due to his likely off-screen consumption, a new egg each time we see him. Despite this he maintains a social media page and is somewhat aware of his popularity as can be seen when I saw the episode where I discovered his most popular feature is apparently his butt crack. And that just brings up the question, why does an egg yolk even have a butt crack?

I’ve never really had a problem with anthropomorphized food before. Wait, that’s not true. The annoying orange had kind of always creeped me out, but I saw a living watermelon get sliced and a living pumpkin grey carved out, so… Annoying Orange was probably worse when i first saw it, but I’m not going to talk about that right now.

So, here I am, feeling a little off whenever I eat a fried egg and what do I do when i get the opportunity? I buy this!IMG_20180801_112845.jpg

A tin filled with Gudetama candy. Ok, I literally just bought it so I could take a picture and say I bought it for fun. Besides those vanilla flavored candies are amazing. The only problem is they all look like Gudetama. I’m just glad they don’t talk.

Then I watched Akidearest on youtube create and eat a nasty jello Gudetama monster.Screenshot_2018-07-27-13-13-52_kindlephoto-6548532

That just made me extremely glad that I’m not an anime vlogger looking for strange things to do to entertain my audience. Or someone in the Sanrio team who has to come up with cute living food. Did someone drink too much Saki with their breakfast?

Sanrio is weird. Anime is weird. Why does Gudetama exist?


Until Next Time, Always Make Your Heart Rainbow!

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