Tada Never Falls in Love Episode 13: they wanted their cake and to eat it too.

I think my title is an appt way to describe how the series ended. I got everything I wanted in this ending, but then….well… Let’s talk about it in a minute.

Tada traveled all the way to Europe to see Teresa only to find out that she is not only a princess, but seems to be happy with her life and the fact that she’s engaged to Charles. Because of her seeming happiness Tada decides he can’t bring himself to tell her what he wants to, the unspoken words that are eating at him.

The only problem both our friends are in turmoil because of these unspoken thoughts.


Luckily, Tada realizes that he needs to stop making this same mistake over and over again, the same one he made when he didn’t say goodbye to his dad out of anger before his parents were killed.


He goes back to Teresa and tells her, finally, that he loves her. Talk about an ironic series title, this should win an award. He then learns that she feels the same, but of course there’s nothing either one of them can do, they must say goodbye and move on.



That’s that. Tada returns home and life moves on, because that’s what life does. The focus returns to other important things like Pin Senpei graduating.


And that’s what I like about this series, it mirrors life in a great way. You can’t stay sad, because even if you do, you’ll miss out on so many other things. The couple may not have ended up together, but that’s ok, they can still find happiness.

And then the series decided it wanted to eat its cake…







It’s not exactly the most plausible ending. It’s romantic sure, but I was really enjoying the bitter sweet feeling I was getting from the first ending they put before us. This is also all happening in a post credits scene, so they really made us want to think this was the ending we were getting. I really thought that the first ending was more original and it’s what I hoped for through out the series. Now it’s just so generic. We all know it won’t work.

I also feel really bad for Charles, because he really loved and cared for Teresa, a lot. It must have really hurt to break off his engagement even if he knew it would mean her happiness. That’s the thing though. I really kind of wanted to see him step up and take her hand and show her that he really loved her. Teresa is the only one who doesn’t know the story of how he fell in love with her. I want to write a an alternate ending fanfiction where they end up together. No promises on that, because I suck at following through on my story writing. if I do though, I’ll share it here.

So yeah, ultimately disappointed but happy at the same time. This could have been a better series. Oh well.

This was a fun ride.  I don’t think I’ll be doing episode reviews again though. At least not this year. Thanks to all of you who followed along as I wrote these! I appreciate it!


Until next time, always make your heart a rainbow!

Should I end all my posts with that? I kind of like it.


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