Tada Never Falls in Love Episode 12: Over Sea Heart Break


It’s off to Larsenberg we go with Tada, his sweetheart Teresa! It only took him six months to actually admit his feelings and get on the plane to go see her. I

Teresa, however, has managed to lock her feelings away for Tada and seems very comfortable again in her life as a princess. Which of course none of her study abroad friends were aware of.

Screenshot_2018-06-21-21-49-45_kindlephoto-212853092Of course Karou has secretly managed to sneak his way over into Larsenberg without Tada’s knowledge which I find to be absolutely hilarious.


The possible lovers reunite!


And realize the impossibility of their situation.

I know that this was basically just a play by play of the episode, but Im not really sure what to say about it. I thought I knew what I wanted from this series, but now that there’s only one episode left I’m not really sure what I hope to see happen.

I have been wrapped up in the drama and the feelings, but I’m still trying to cling to the practical and I think I need to remind myself that this is an anime.

One more episode to go. I don’t know why, but I thought this was the last episode and I went, what? That’s how their ending it? With tears? But no, nothing so dramatic yet. I’m on tent hooks now.

Until Next Time!

6 thoughts on “Tada Never Falls in Love Episode 12: Over Sea Heart Break

  1. It is hard to think about what you want from this series. While I’d love Teresa to throw in everything and go after Tada, that would be so unbelievable that from a narrative point of view it doesn’t work, even if it is adorable. Tada staying with her is equally unbelievable given the context set up. While both characters might move on with their lives, I’m not sure how satisfying that would be as an ending either. I’ve really enjoyed this show and I’m curious as to what kind of ending we will get.

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      1. A good ending could elevate this to something that needs to be seen. A meh ending will leave it being a nice but unremarkable series. A poor ending could make it something that was watched but will never be recommended. It really does all rest on how they wrap things up. Or if they wrap things up. With all the non-endings this season that is questionable.

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    1. Don’t be! I always send comments to spam by accident. It’s a miracle I’ve only ever deleted one, when the trash button is right there.

      I can replicate it if you want, but it was basically just me saying “kawaii desu!”, but in English of course, lol.

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      1. I just wanted to make sure you knew I didn’t do it on purpose lol I appreciate the thought and sentiment of you commenting on my blog ❤

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