The Chuckle and Chortle Collection Week 11

I am so tired! My back hurts, my feet hurt, I’m very sore in a lot of places. Cashier work is hard. It’s a good thing laughter is the best medicine!

Welcome back again to the Chuckle and Chortle Collection. If you’re here just because and don’t want to read about random things that made me laugh just shop to the bottom and look at the pictures of my sweet little kitten I’m sharing this week.

the classic meme that never gets old

Let’s start off this week with a post from fellow blogger Shokamoka where he looks at the classic “cicada block meme” a six year old meme that he wanted to feature. I must say, while I didn’t get every reference, the ones I did were absolutely great!

I’m a despicable human being…

but I am human, so I guess I can forgive myself for laughing at these pictures I found while looking up stuff for my Fullmetal Alchemist post on Nina


th (4)

Cats are evil


My cat waking me up in the morning. Banjo big from Tada Never Falls in Love is just like every other single cat.

And on that note I’m going to segue into some kitten photos!

No name yet, but isn’t this kitten the sweetest little thing! She’s the weeks old yesterday!

Thanks for reading and have great week Everyone!

6 thoughts on “The Chuckle and Chortle Collection Week 11

  1. hey, good job. adulting is hard so keep it up!
    that dog with a wig pic freaked me out, lol
    and omg, i love cats too. my cat often cuddles up with me at night but i gturn and flip when i sleep so i feel bad she has to keep adjusting
    cute kitten ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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