Tada Never Falls in Love episode 4: The Clark Kent Disguise

Guess what! I apparently have my kindle key board trained to present the title of Tada Never Falls in Love automatically. I type in Tada and it suggests the next word. I don’t have to type a thing.

I’ve been expecting this episode. Well, I can at least say it wasn’t a big surprise.

Pin Senpei is getting the chance to meet the girl he worships, Hina. The popular model that he can’t shut up about. He’s thrilled, the only problem is that he can’t even take imaging meeting her without freaking out.


Strangely enough he’s known her for almost his entire life and he doesn’t even know it.

I knew she was hiding something!

It seems the lovable, but shy class rep is indeed Hina and nobody knows it! Alec is the only one who can tell!


My question exactly Alec! Why can’t anyone tell? It seems the age old trope continues. If you put on glasses, (or take them off) no one will be able to recognize you. It’s the Clark Kent method of identity protection and if it’s going to work any where I suppose it will work in anime.


It was supposed to be a one time thing, but it has turned into a career for this girl. She’s really not sure what to do now that Pin Senpei will be coming to meet her. Well he find out her secret identity?

No, this guy’s as dense as a rock.

His friends made him change, thank goodness.

It seems  Hinas identity is safe, but she isn’t sure that’s a good thing, cause she likes him too. It’s sweet and funny and sad all at once. And it’s also a bit too much like Lois Lane liking superman, but not Clark….

I really liked this episode, it had some nice background music (sounded like a square dance at times) that really made me get into the episode. Nothing big happened, but it was more then entertaining and that’s what I’m looking for!

That’s Profiling! 

4 thoughts on “Tada Never Falls in Love episode 4: The Clark Kent Disguise

  1. There’s some truth in the glasses thing. Sometimes people take them off, change their hair, and they look completely different. I think Hinako also wears makeup when she’s Hina, so I can kind of understand why they don’t entirely recognize her.

    The episode when he learns the truth will be a fun one.

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