5 reasons why I wish I had done episode reviews for Animegataris

Animegataris, despite it being a little rough, was one of my more interesting and enlightening picks of the fall 2017 season. There are a lot of things in the series that I’ve been meaning to touch on since I watched it and though I mentioned a few of these things in my review, which you can read HERE, I really wanted to talk about them again.

I honestly wish that I had done episode reviews for Animegataris and if I could go back in time I would. Since that isn’t an option for me like it was for the characters in the anime, I’ll do the next best thing and cover the five main reasons why I wish I had done episode reviews for Animegataris.

  1. It’s about a girl who is new to Anime

What could be more compelling for an enthusiastic new anime fan then watching a show about an enthusiastic new anime fan? A lot of things, but for me this is definitely one of them. At this point I had viewed no more then ten separate anime series to completion, so seeing this series was a joy because the main character had watched fewer anime then I had and was jumping into the medium at full speed. Comparing and contrasting how she embraced the medium to how I embraced it would have been kind of fun.

  1. I learned that not everyone is into Anime

th (3)
She just doesn’t get it.

I always imagined that everybody watched anime in Japan and while it is hugely popular, I learned here that is definitely more of niche hobby then I imagined. I should have realized that Anime and Manga is more similar to the American Comic book in this way. There are a lot of people that only glance at comic books and think of them as ‘kids stuff’, even though they are not. A lot of people enjoy them and others think they are silly, just like anime. Who would have a comic book club at school?

Similarly, that is the question being asked here. Why have an anime club at school? What value does it add? Still, this was definitely a surprise.

  1. The Characters went to Comiket

    th (1)

Some people really had a hard time watching the episode where the characters went to Comiket, because it was drawn out and realistic. Who wants to watch people stand in line for hours? Me! Of course I’m a bit odd in the head. I really enjoyed this episode, because it made me think of some of my comic con experiences. Anime and Manga are celebrated in Japan in similar way to how comic books and geek culture are here in America and it was definitely fun for me to see this.

Comiket, which was started more for the sake of Dojinshi Manga, was started in 1975, only five years after the Sandiego Comic Con was started in 1970. I wonder if it was inspired by the other. I mean, why use the abbreviation for the English words Comic Market?

  1. They visited Mecca locations

Not to be confused with Mecha, the anime genre, Mecca are real world places where anime scenes have taken place. Apparently, not all anime takes place in an entirely fictional world, and real world locations can be settings in anime too. In other cases, fictional locations can be reproduced, perhaps similarly to Norway’s creation of Bag End from the Lord of the Rings.

Visiting such locations isn’t something I would have imagined being possible, let alone popular and watching this series definitely informed me of this possibility a lot sooner then I otherwise would have known. Definitely cool! Now I want to go on an anime pilgrimage!

  1. They made their own anime

The stress!

I love knowing how things are created and watching something that more a less spells it out for me is a lot easier then researching it myself. While making anime is really no different from what I know of how other cartoons are made, it definitely is something I would have loved talking about while the series was airing. The methodical step by step process, that I’m sure mirrored reality quite well, would have been fun to talk about, especially since I’ve taken film classes and dabbled in making my own videos. This took several episodes and while the series was really starting to drag at this point, I still would have had tons of things to talk about and touch on.


Those are my five main reasons for wanting to do episode reviews for this series, all these little things I wish I could have touched on within the format of episode reviews. For someone who is exploring the world of anime and manga this anime really taught me a lot of things and was great for watching during my first seasonal viewing of anime.

I’m considering choosing one anime this season to do episode reviews on and I’m highly considering Tada doesn’t fall in love. The reason? I saw myself in the main female character and found myself relating to both her situation and how she handled it. That is similar to how I related to the main character of animegataris. I’m considering it, but I’m going to wait and see what happens in the second episode before I commit to anything. After that, if I decide to, you’ll see a two in one episode review.

Let me know If you think thats a good idea!

7 thoughts on “5 reasons why I wish I had done episode reviews for Animegataris

  1. I dropped this show in 5 minutes but it was cool to have the appeal explained in this way. Episode reviews can be fun and a different style to write in, and I think it’s pretty easy to do. If you feel like you have a lot to say about a show to the point that you want to review it then I reckon you should.

    I have no idea what that show is or what any of the seasonal anime are, I’ll have to check it out if you decide to review it!

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