Two Liebster Awards: Yes, I actually am German

Time to start getting some award posts out of the way! Back in February I was Nominated by Rossiroad at My Brain is Completely Empty for the Liebster Award and then a little bit later on I was nominated for the exact same award by Lina at Tiny Ugly Animal.

Rossiroad has recently been working towards streamlining his blog and turning it into something completely awesome where you’ll be able to find information regarding all the anime he has watched and find all his other posts, hopefully more easily. On top of that he wrote a book, which I will catch up on soon, so definitely check him out if you haven’t.

Lina is one of the funniest bloggers I have had chance to meet here on WP, she even makes her manga haul posts more entertaining then I ever could. A joy to read and joy to interact with she has decided to increase our interactions by vowing to nominate for every award she receives. I of course, not willing to back away from a challenge, accepted.

So here I am with 22 questions to answer, if you read this I hope you enjoy learning about me.


The Ever Present Rules

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  2. Answer the 11 questions
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers for the same award in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family
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Rossiroad’s Questions

If you could live a life of immortality would you ?

Yes, but only if the people around me didn’t have to suffer and die. I believe I will someday, its a part of the Christian belief.

If you had a billion dollars (or whatever your currency is) what would you do?

Set my parents up for retirement, or at least make sure they could live comfortably, while working part time jobs. I would still control the money though, because my dad has no sense when it comes to receiving large sums. Then I’d go to college wherever I wanted to.

If you had infinite resources to fund someone to make a piece of media for you (movie, anime, tv series, video game ect.) what would that project be?

I would want to fund an animated television series for the Original Quest arc of the Elfquest Comic book franchise. The creators have been working on and off towards getting an animated series going for a long time, but things always fall apart. (They had plans for a Disney movie at one point. They shared the script, there was singing, it was awful) It would use traditional animation, so as to better match the original comic aesthetic and be at least as many episodes as their were issues. Everything would be so meticulously done, and the creators would not be allowed to retcon anything.

If you could have one skill you don’t currently have what would it be?

I would want to automatically be able to draw and paint really well.

What video game do you like?

I’ve never really played video games. I have played a little bit of Mario kart, but overall I find anything else I have played to be frustrating. I like puzzle games.

You see a hot boy/girl (depending on you sexual orientation) at a place of your choosing, how do you approach him/her?

Probably, I’d make it so we run into each other, going in the opposite direction a couple times, only to then find ourselves in a place where you can sit down anywhere you want, that’s very relaxed. Like a college common room I suppose. Then I’d be like ‘hey, we keep running into each other.’ Only time I can remember where I actually approached the guy.

How do you watch anime? I’m interested to see if you binge watch, watch every so often and what websites and hardware you watch it on.

Usually, I watch anime a couple episodes at a time. I almost never have time for more then four episodes in a row. Most of the time I watch anime on my kindle, because it’s the only device I personally own that would allow me to watch video. When I watch on my kindle I use the website, watch cartoons online, which has a pretty decent catalogue of anime. I also use my YouTube app and watch a few series on there as well. When I do have access to the computer, or I can use the roku, I’ll watch things on Crunchyroll or occasionally on Crackle (which usually has six anime at any given time).

How do you get over it when you feel sad? What do you do?

Depending on why I feel sad I will do one of two things. Find someone to talk it out with or I’ll go somewhere to feel out the sadness by myself. If after that I’m still feeling sad I’ll find ways to distract myself. I’m writing this as a distraction right now actually.

What kind of person annoys you the most?

Sadly, those people that you have nothing in common with, except one thing, but because of that one thing they are now your best friend and follow you around like a lost puppy, no matter how busy you are. I seem to attract them.

Are there any non-scientific/more spiritual things you believe in e.g crystals or things like that?

God, the holy spirit, prayer, that God can talk to me if I’m willing to listen, heaven…ect.

What have you always wanted to be able to do but aren’t able to do?

Travel outside the country. I don’t have the funds.


Lina’s Questions (which she got from Fool7677[who got them from Kelladon{but they were more or less created by Chizurue}]) This became a scavenger hunt guys.

Kiss, marry, kill (anime version). Tell me who you would pick for each.

Kiss: This may surprise some of you, but I’ve never kissed anyone before, so this would be my first kiss. As such I’ve given this much thought, because I don’t want to kiss just anyone, lets make it amazing! I choose Howl, from Howls moving castle, because if he’s trying to steal the hearts of countless girls he had better be a good kisser on top of everything else.

Marry: How about my new husbando Hibiki Amawa, from Strawberry Eggs. He’s a nice level headed good looking guy who also happens to understand what it is like to walk in heels and wear a bra.

Kill: Hmm. Kill. Like literally murder. Sinon from Sword Art Online. I would kill her after the Gun Gale Online Arc, but before the rest of season two, because I don’t like her there and I don’t understand why she’s still a part of the series.

A character you would like to meet in real life and be fast friends with (or maybe more than friends)? Why?

Someone I want to be best friends with? Obviously I’m not looking for more then friends here, I just got married above. Hmmm… I think I would like to be friends with Kuranosuke, from Princess Jellyfish, he’s just so confident and sassy! I think the two of us would have a blast, of course I’d be more like Tsukimi and less like his other girl friends, just a little less shell  shocked.

 follow up that previous one: which fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life?

The most boring to meet? Heh, probably Jiji, from the Princess Jellyfish. Why am I only thinking of Princess Jellyfish now?


Favorite music or Album you could listen to all day? And why? Is it the lyrics, the melody or the vocals?

The Wilson Phillips CD Hold On. I go through periods of time where I just leave it in my car and listen to it on repeat nonstop. I’ve been listening to this cd on repeat for longer then I can drive. I was introduced to them by my mom more then eight years ago now, right around when I started high school. It was at the same time when I discovered Elfquest (see above obsession) actually and I associate the two together very heavily. I love the sound and the vocals, but the lyrics are why I keep coming back, because I create music videos (Elfquest related mostly) in my head, someday I will make them reality!


What book/anime would you recommend to someone who has never read/watched anything from that medium?

For a book? Something that most people would consider an easy read, not a really thick book. For Stephen King, to use an example I would specifically recommend the Eyes of the Dragon. To get someone into fantasy I may recommend The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe over The Lord of The Rings, because its less imposing. And for chiklit, not matter what, I would recommend anything written by Sophie Kinsella.

For anime? I’m not sure what I’d recommend, in fact I’m not sure I’d recommend anything specific. Recommendations actually kept me away from anime for a long time and I ended up finding an anime to watch on my own. I think, if someone was interested in starting an anime I’d help them find something that appealed to them instead.

What are you deathly afraid of?

Escalators. I can hardly even watch other people ride on them. 

What is the funniest word to you?

Back to Elfquest! Puckernuts. Its an expletive used in the comics. I’m sorry, but I don’t have an ‘actual’ word that I find funny. My favorite word is Cacophony though.

What mythical creature would you like as a pet?

It’s not really ‘mythical’, but its fictional. I would want a tribble, from Star Trek, minus the reproduction problem. If I can’t have that I suppose I would want a mini dragon like Shadowcat, the X-man, has.

What’s the most useless talent you have?

I can fold both of my pinkys back behind the rest of my hand and still play the piano relatively well.

If you could level up humans as a species, what stat or ability would you increase? And why?

I would give us the ability to breath anything. Meaning we couldn’t dye of asphyxiation via breathing in smoke, carbon dioxide or even water. No more worrying about passing out while your cleaning your bathroom! We could be Mermaids!

Would you rather live your entire life in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted or in the real world? Explain your choice.

I have always fantasized about living in a virtual reality like world, where all my wishes came true. The thing is, I feel like I’d be chickening out on life and I don’t think I’d be happy in that virtual reality. I’d regret my choice. It may be hard, but there is something about the challenge of life that I wouldn’t want to get rid of. Also, my luck I’d be in the twighlight zone when given the choice and the virtual reality world would be a version of hell. Like that episode of the twilight zone where the professional gambler dies and goes to place where he can’t lose. He thinks he’s in heaven until he realizes he can no longer enjoy the gamble, because he always wins no matter what he does. It is then he realizes he is in his own personal hell. Be warned!


These were fun questions to answer. My computer almost dyed while I was answering them though and I had to rush about looking for a plug that would work. My computers so old that it used up an hour and twenty minutes worth of battery in five minutes time. Tell it not to scare me like that.

Lastly, a quick word of thanks to The Pantless Anime Blogger who shared with me how to better use gifs!

34 thoughts on “Two Liebster Awards: Yes, I actually am German

  1. lol, thanks for the shoutout. you made that GIF?
    and puckernuts. i like that word, lol.
    and how german are you? gonig back, i don’t know a lot of short germans 😛
    i love jiji btw, but i mostly love everyone in Princess Jellyfish, except maybe for the mangaka who never shows her face.
    I used to hate escalators too, but I find them a good time waster when your sisters decide to go clothes shopping xD

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    1. I made the strawberry egg gif and the one with kuranoske. I couldn’t get the maker to load on giphy, so I found another gif maker and then uploaded that to giphy so I could keep tabs on the gifs.
      I’m a quarter German, but I get my shortness from them actually. My great great grandmother who emigrated was a stout little thing. My dad’s Irish Canadian and he’s six foot.
      You really need to read the last volume of the manga just to see the mysterious mangaka.

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      1. GIF making is fun, and those look pretty good! good job!
        we have a bunch of germans here visiting regularly for surfing and stuff, and none of them goes below 6 ft. ut I’m sorry for generalizing. xD
        I’m a lazy reader! hahaha

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      1. Everything where you can bend you fingers in unnatural positions are scary. 😱 I have a thing with fingers I think. I often think I will break my pinky for some reason if I just bend it a little. Not sure why, probably some childhood trauma.

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  2. Congratulations!
    Hahah Howl would be a good pick for a first kiss! 🙂
    And I agree that escalators are scary! Especially after having tripped over multiple times on one in public before… >_<
    That talent is really impressive too!!

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    1. You just totally made me realize that I put up the wrong gif for the kiss. I was originally going to put Tamaki, because he’s french and then I realized that he’s a smooth talker, but totally awkward when actually put in a true romantic position, so has he really had much experiencing with kissing? So I chose Howl instead at the last minute, but then accidentally used a tamaki gif. I feel so ridiculous! *laughs* I think I’ll leave it anyway.

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  3. I loved this post! It feels so long ago that I nominated you that I’ve forgotten the questions, so literally every one is really interesting because it’s like seeing it for the first time but also something that I’m interested in!

    The first one about immortality is interesting to me. On the one hand you could live through the LOTGH world into a much larger space empire infinitely or see the whole human race die, the earth explode and float through space for 1 million years until you either find another alien civilization with intelligent life or discover that no such thing exists. It seems kind of scary, I guess you would really need to make sure humanity survived if you were going to take that option!

    (Part 2 of this comment got pretty strange and also serious, so sorry about that, you’ll probably notice it yourself but I’m pretty hesitant about everything that I write from here on)

    The last question I asked about supernatural things is interesting for me because I remembered that you were Christian. (I assume that’s the religion because I don’t know any other with the holy spirit and I think you mentioned it somewhere else). You are the first person I’ve told this but as of 3-4 weeks ago I stopped being a Christian after being one for as long as I can remember. I’m not trying to convert you I just want to see what you think, I’m obviously still open to ideas but I have some reasons I want to hear your perspective on if that’s ok.

    My attitude is that if God is just sitting around doing nothing then it’s all pointless and he probably doesn’t exist. What had made me believe so strongly was seeing god in action and believing though that. It was most notable at festival type events where everyone would start crying or having extreme reactions because of the holy spirit. But what changed my opinion (I hate to use the word realise because it assumes the other person is in the wrong, I hated that phrase when I was a christian) was learning about something called crowd manipulation where large groups of people are able to perceive things differently and have insane reactions. Then the fact that there is the meme “holy spirit keyboard” where every time they play this keyboard everyone starts to feel the holy spirit (and very rarely at other times) it makes me think it’s crowd manipulation and all the miracles that take place aren’t real.

    There was also the fact that I used to prey so often for every little thing to come in my favor, and it happened so often that of course some would happen and I would convince myself it was because of prayer.

    There is also that thing about never, ever hearing God. All the preachers say to have a relationship with God and I felt like I never had that because I could not sense any communication at all. I also thought that reading about a guy is never a good way to become better friends with him and doing things in person would always be better.

    I don’t want to convert you, if anything I want you to convert me back because the promise of Christianity sounds awesome! I sort of want to see what you think. Sorry for the long and pretty heavy comment on an otherwise really fun and great post!

    I will return to that christian festival anyway to see for myself whether or not I think it’s crowd manipulation or the holy spirit because I will want to make my choice definite. I feel really strange about posting this, there are some comments or emails that you write out and then delete strait away because they are so strange. I just think it’s a good idea to post this anyway because if God is real it’s of very high importance to write this!

    Also I appreciate that this is a terrible position to put you in, I think of myself pre-conversion and how I would have maybe struggled with something like this. I just feel bad talking to anyone else who is Christian because I feel like I’m letting them down in some way whereas I feel better talking to you about it.

    Ok I’m just going to post it, you’re welcome to ignore the second bit if this whole thing comes across as really strange to you.

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    1. First, yeah, it took me a while.

      second, I am so glad you felt you could talk to me about this. I don’t mind at all conversing with you about it here. And yes, I am a Christian.

      I have always had a hard time with the large crowds of people reacting and crying, because the holy spirit is in them. I feel like a lot of it is crowd manipulation. Part of what the holy spirit does is the bestowment of gifts, speaking in tongues being one (others could be discernment, teaching ability, wisdom) and at a lot of these the people claim to speak in tongues. I don’t believe it is true, because the bible says there is no point unless there is an interpreter present who can understand the speaker, which is never the case.

      I visited a church when I was ten where they did this and during an opening song I got teary, because of my tears a woman proclaimed I was “FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT” scared the cra p out of me.

      I do believe in demons and I sometimes wonder if they are at these events. I actually believe I was, not posessed, but haunted? By a demon. For the first time, while depressed I had spent some time dwelling on suicide, no detailed thoughts, but enough to worry me. It hit me, while I was driving that a demon could be putting the thoughts in my head. I was so gripped by fear that I had to pull over and I spent five minutes sobbing and crying out in the name of Jesus. Now I feel fine.

      The experiences that Christians have is varied and there are so many debates regarding how God works.

      Ok, that might have been a little off track.

      You say you stopped being a Christian. This might seem a bit rude, but it is my belief that one cannot stop being a Christian, they are either in denial or they weren’t actually a true Christian.

      You say that you believed because you saw, but Jesus said that true faith is believing without seeing. You also say that you never heard God and that concerns me. I have always felt a very strong direct relationship with God and he has spoken to many in many different ways.

      It causes me to wonder if you heard, and believed only on the surface. Read the parable of the sower, and you might understand what I mean.

      My question to you is, when you became a Christian, why did you do it? How, did you become a Christian? I want to see what your base is, because I know, that sadly, it can vary from person to person that says they are a Christian.

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      1. Im not entirely convinced on tongues either. I went to a seminar talk about it and it just sounded like you had to say random things. The speaker said that he thought he was speaking gibberish until someone came to him saying that he had preyed an ancient Greek prayer. So theirs that.

        Having those thoughts while driving sounds terrifying. I’m honestly glad you’re ok. I had a far less bad experience when I was in a tent and the wind was really loud. In the wind I heard a constant voice in my head going “here me” constantly. I was scared and cried out for help from god and it went away. I now think that it was my brain recognizing patterns in the wind, but I’m open to the suggestion that it could have been a demon. God could have helped me there but it seems like a coping mechanism for me.

        I don’t like the phrase true christian at all because it made me feel inadequate for most of my Christian life. You see other people (I guess like you) who seem to have it all together and then you who is not doing a lot and not having many personal/ real world experiences with god.

        My attitude was that it’s ok to doubt and much more desirable than living on ignoring it instead of talking to someone because it makes you’re faith stronger when you come back. The thing is that I had this doubt and it didn’t get better only worse.

        You say that people cannot be Christian so I think if anything I would be in denial. It’s that idea that when you give your life to Jesus there is no escape no matter how badly you sin. It’s encouraging to me and makes me know that even if I am in doubt now if he is indeed real he will be able to get me back.

        I read that parable and I think I agree with you where I stand on it. I’ve heard the news and it didn’t really stick. I think not understanding is a key factor really. I didn’t read much of the bible and when I did it was boring and difficult to understand. It also doesn’t help that theirs so many things that every other thing could be stated to contradict something else unless you look at it in the exact way the church wants you too.

        If you want an example I mean something like John 3 16 where whoever believes in God will have eternal life. This makes me think just a “oh yeah I believe” counts whereas stories like that guy who had to sell all of his possessions to get there proves something otherwise. Heaven is a pretty atheist example but It’s the first one I thought of.

        The main reason why I became a Christian was that even though I didn’t really understand or care about the bible stuff if I saw the existence of God in real life it didn’t matter. So when I saw real world events like the miracles of that festival and other prayers coming true I switched to Christianity. Then when I started to see evidence of how those real world things could be faked fairly easily I switched back.That’s basically the gist of it.

        To be honest I never was a true Christian as well since I had like no relationship with God at all and only prayed every so often. I sort of never got that communication aspect, if I did I never would have left because I would have felt like me and God had something going on in between us. If that makes sense?

        Thank you for the talk. This has been really interesting, I think what I might do is talk to my friends about that relationship with God thing to see what’s up.

        Also being an atheist just means that I think there is more proof in the other direction. I’m open to new things of course.

        I just read that you also asked how I became a Christian. It was basically preying something giving my life to Jesus/ the standard becoming a Christian prayer in the Anglican church in England.

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        1. I just want to come back and say something else. You mentioned that you don’t read the bible since you think reading about someone is a very impersonal way to get to know someone.

          You know how I mentioned the parable of the sower, it likened the message of salvation to a seed and to people as the ground that seed can grow in. I think that seed is there in you, and it’s looking for a way to grow.

          The most important part of growing as a Christian is reading the bible. You need to look at it as a living work, embued with the very spirit of God and not reading it can be detrimental to your spiritual health.

          Like I said, when i don’t read my bible or pray I feel as though there is a physical barrier between God and myself, it’s a wall of my own making that I put up slowly when i stepped back from those practices. I don’t ‘hear God as clearly during these times. In fact the best and most clear ways God has spoken to me over my lifetime has been through my bible reading.

          Since you basically ignored this aspect of the Christian life perhaps your growth is stunted and there is a wall of your own making between you and God.

          Let me ask you this, and you can treat it as rhetorical if you wish, but why did you decide to talk to me about this? Why did you not delete the comment even though you could have do easily? Is it perhaps God reaching out and prompting you? Trying to reach you even though you have unknowingly closed yourself off to his voice?

          Read your bible and earnestly search for God’s voice. Call out to him and ask him to reveal his presence to you. He’s there, waiting. I’ll be praying for you.

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          1. The reason why I reached out to you was that I wanted to tell someone, I just felt an urge like I had to get it off my chest in someway.

            This might offend you but you are basically the safest person I felt like I could talk too. You are someone I like, respect and trust as a christian. So in terms of faith I think you are just on the same level or if anything above as any friend I could talk too.

            It’s also that I feel safest online where I can talk to someone who has little effect on me socially IRL. Nobody knows I’m having this conversation with anyone so I am free to have my doubts with anyone raising any real concern.

            I’ve also never talked to you and only know the things that you’ve mentioned personally in your award posts. To me you are a smiling laughing cat and to you I am a cartoon character crying. So that sense of not being entirely sure of each others situation really reassures me.

            Not to say that I’m glad of that, you genuinely come across as a great person who everyone likes. It’s just that you’re in the right place at the right time for me to be able to feel like talking too you and bring up the subject.

            I somehow feel bad about summing it up like that. I guess it’s also that I’ve talked to you for a while and you are currently tied for top commenter so I know you enough to tell you about my situation.

            I feel like I will try reading the bible again like you asked, but I’m going to read it in a different way to previously.

            I used to try and fail to do the bible in a year and it just felt like too much information at once and I never thought about it. I might try just reading a chapter/ less than that if it’s long and see what happens. Then I can think about it slowly and digest it better. It would be more like a bible in a lifetime than a bible in a year but honestly different things work for different people so it’s worth a try,

            I feel like this discussion has helped me a lot, really thank you!

            Oh yeah and which part of the bible do you think I should start at?

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            1. Not at all, I’m glad that I am here right now and that you can reach out to me. Guess what. You are my top commenter. How cool is that!

              Personally I flip about in my bible reading, but for you I would go over the gospel of John, since it seems like it would probably answer a lot of your questions and concerns. After that I would suggest Romans. They are both Good books for those looking to start out. I’m currently rereading John with my young adult college and career group at my church. If something doesn’t make sense or you have questions you can talk to me again if you want or reach out to others, but it’s always a good idea to find someone who may know more then you in those situations.

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              1. Thank you, I’ll try that!

                I’m really glad this link about religion opened! I probably will have a lot of questions, but I feel more confident at expressing them.

                I maybe should of told you earlier but I had my church group today and I got prayer about a relationship with God. I sort of told my friend that I never really got it and was struggling with it so he was happy to pray with me in that regard.

                It feels bad praying for someone when you’re not entirely sure there is someone out there listening.

                But this thing could be the start of learning more. Maybe having this conversation and discussion will be a lot better for me in the long run than if I never stopped believing at all. We’ll see though, only one way to find out.

                If nothing else my opinion will be made more stronger in either direction and that can’t really be a bad thing.

                Maybe not telling anyone is sort of a cowards way out because you’re not presented with opposition if you drift away secretly.

                I think that if I were to forget God completely I would have to believe he’s not as real just as much as I used to believe he was real to justify it. And I wouldn’t say that I’m there yet.

                So either way it will make my opinion change, which I think is good. I really am happy that I sent that in the end. I will actually treat believing and non-believing a lot differently because of this.

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        1. I guess the proper term would be agnostic.

          It’s true, I’ve never had many problems with doubt in my life. I’ve always felt a more personal relationship with God. I was seven when i accepted Jesus into my heart, because I came to an understanding at that time regarding my sin and I new that the only way I could go to heaven was to ask to Jesus to forgive me. I was by myself and I didn’t tell anyone that I had done it at that time. From there God was more like an imaginary friend and I talked to him all the time. I’d read halfway through my bible over the next handful of years.

          My struggle has been in that as I get older reading my bible and praying has gotten harder. I feel that God is still there, but that I’ve walled myself off from him as I lost my childhood.

          I met a girl a few years ago who had her biggest struggle with the permanency of salvation. She had always prayed the prayer of salvation every night, because otherwise she thought she would lose it. And accepting that that wasn’t the case was hard for her.

          If you prayed the prayer and meant it you are a child of God and nothing can take that away, but if you simply went through a motion, not fully understanding the implication of what you were doing, beyond thinking it was the correct thing to do I would be concerned. I’m not trying to make you doubt that your saved, your already doing that, the doubt isn’t the end all be all.

          In regards to the rich man, we have to wonder what the rich man was looking for wasn’t what we think he was looking for. He believed he was perfect, he himself claimed that he had f followed all of God’s commandments. Jesus tested him, by telling him what his heart belonged to. The man worshipped his belongings instead of God and you cannot worship both God and money. This is further complicated though, when Jesus says it’s harder for a rich man to get to heaven then it is for a camel to get through the eye of a needle. People often translate this to impossible, “of course God can do anything.” They’ll say. Biblically speaking, the eye of the needle here was a small type of entryway Into a City. A camel can get through it, but it has to crawl on its knees and it is very hard.

          So the rich man didn’t have to do anything more then a normal person, he only had to give up the idol he had turned his money into. It’s something that still happens. People turn away from Christianity because they know they have to give up there other idols, or turn away from sinful actions and they won’t give them up.

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          1. Yeah I can relate to that feeling,

            That thing about preying for forgiveness is another thing. The church tells you that no matter what God will forgive you and at the same time that you don’t sin because God says not to, so why would you? So my attitude to sin was always fairly lax because of the forgiveness but I would try to be good anywhere. Even now I never swear because I’m just so used to not doing it for example.

            I believe that I really did mean that prayer at the time. If not the first time then every time I said it later, especially at that festival just in case. In any case if God is real, great, I trust that he’ll make me realize new information and reevaluate anything because that’s just what God would be like. If not it doesn’t matter that I said it in the first place.

            I know the story of that rich dude pretty well which is also why I brought it up. The main point was the difference in things for you’re life to be saved. Before the rich man got rid of everything he believed in God. However John 3 16 would say that was enough, even though the whole story is about don’t worship money because you won’t get eternal life if you do. It’s conflicting things like this that can confuse me a lot and ultimately led to me ignoring the bible and trusting God to communicate to me in a way that was easier for me to get and not be completely lost by. There is a reason why people have never shut up about God, not just because they love him but also because there is so many things to unpack and so many things that can easily be confused in my opinion.

            You recall those things about Jesus saying it’s very difficult for a rich person to get into heaven. So should that mean we dismiss John 3 16? No, everything in the bible is meant to be there for a reason and every word of it is meant to be just as important as the other. I don’t know the details exactly but there was an old book in the bible that Jesus said to remove, it was removed. That means that everything else there is meant to fit in with every other thing and I find it difficult to get that impression. I find it difficult to see how these two things that clearly contradict can also fit together normally.

            That’s my opinion, maybe I’m just interpreting anything wrong though.

            But bringing up that story wasn’t to talk about that specific example but to show how conflicting things can really confuse me, make me not really understand anything and only falsely make myself think I understand it.

            So that’s my thoughts really. I really like this discussion, talking about this is really important to me,

            That thing about the camels eye is actually really great for me, I wouldn’t have had any idea about that otherwise.


            1. The rich man believed in God, but put money above him. The Pharisees likewise believed in God, but rejected Jesus, despite the miracles and signs, because he did not match there image of what the messiah is like. Both money and the false image of the messiah kept these men from Jesus. The money was What kept the man from following Jesus and finding salvation, not the requirement for it. If a man decides not to accept Jesus’s gift of salvation because he is a habitual drinker and he doesn’t believe he can give that up then it is keeping him from God, it is not required that he give it up to be saved.

              There are many things in the bible that seem contradictory or are confusing, but that is why people study it to try and better understand it. Perhaps there are verses that would tie the story of the rich man and the meaning of John 3:16 together for you, but you haven’t found them because you haven’t searched.

              As for sin, the bible says we should confess it In 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us.”

              If is a big word and it basically is saying God will forgive us if we confess, if we ask for forgiveness. Sin is a huge deal, because it literally separated us from god. “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Romans 3 :23

              “for the wages of sin is death. But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ or Lord.” Romans 6:23

              God gives us eternal life, but we must accept it and confess our sins or we die. That’s why sin is so important.

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              1. Yeah I guess I should look things up more before deciding to dismiss anything. I don’t like doing that and would much rather just meet God through real life experiences and just see constant miracles but I have no idea what’s going on in his head until I at least try to read something.

                I’m still question-ate on that story though but I feel like I’ve got your perspective.

                Almost everything you’ve told me is something that I feel like I’ve always known since I’ve been going to church basically my whole life but for some reason it feels more important and impactful now.

                I did say earlier that having doubt is good… if you come back because when you do come back you’re faith will be stronger.

                I’m not prepared to say that I’ve come back but I will say that I am more interested in taking this more seriously now and actually looking for answers to everything thanks to you. I guess the first step is trying that bible plan I mentioned in the earlier comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to this!

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Your welcome, and it’s given me some food for thought as well. I’ve never really witnessed a miracle miracle. I’ve heard of people who suddenly don’t have cancer. There is a man in my church who has been in pain for years due to dialysis and a few months back he “died”, met with the family members that had gone on before him and then came back. He’s now pain free and looks ten years younger, but I didn’t witness everything that happened there. So it’s interesting to talk with you, since you’ve seen things I haven’t.

                  I’m glad you are willing to give it another go and like I said, I’ll be praying.

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                  1. Yeah the things I saw were the only things that really convinced me for a long time. People falling over and being overwhelmingly happy though the holy spirit, people with broken arms suddenly being able to lift them above their head.

                    And even with friends. Someone I know personally was on crutches for the whole time yet in one of the main meetings was able to stretch his leg into a squat and run around.

                    Then someone else I know had a bad leg and couldn’t do cheer leading. Then someone prayed for her and she felt a lot better and could actually participate in a cheer leading event she thought she could avoid.

                    Do you find it strange that I’ve seen these things and yet stopped believing? It’s that new evidence came along to rationalize those occurrences to something to do with adrenaline and placebo. Particularly with that guy on crutches since he still ended up using them for the rest of the week.

                    There are a lot of fake spirit healers as proved online, I’ve learned and seen how some of them are genuine frauds and I morally oppose spirit healing shows since the only ones that get popular are the ones that heal, and the only ones that can consistently heal are the ones that can consistently fake it. I don’t care what you’re religion is these people are terrible. And they actively encourage throwing away medicine, effectively killing a lot of people.

                    When I say give it ago I mean that I’m just going to have a look to see what I find and give it a chance. No promises, it’s just that I would need to do it eventually to justify my unbelief so why not use it as an opportunity to see God in a different light?

                    This God that did all these miracles was the one that I wanted to believe in and thought was real. When these things stopped happening to me I began to think about how they coincidentally only happened at this one festival.

                    So maybe I just judged him wrong. Maybe he isn’t the miracle magician I thought he was and I wanted him to be. I could just be missing the whole point.

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