The Chuckle and Chortle Collection: Week Five

Help me! Daylight savings time is here and I just lost an hour of sleep! Didn’t realize we sprang forward last night until my parents told me and thus, I unknowingly stayed up till the equivalent of midnight. I feel faint! I Hope everyone else that experiences this wonderful thing is dealing with it better then I am.

Without further ado, let’s talk about what put stitches in my sides this week!

Boob Complex

Who’d think I’d use this description for anything but an echi show. I watched a whole series out of the blue this week, it was called Strawberry Eggs. In it a character develops boob envy, because hers are still developing. So what happens when she sees the biggest Boobs in her school?

I Wish I Knew of a wp compatible gif maker, this music teacher was conducting with those things.

she passes out!


It was so lame that I couldn’t help myself!I


Trashy Satires, Anime Styled

Moyatori, from the Moyatorium was the blogger that made me laugh the hardest this week. She was tagged for the new bookmash  tag. I remember playing mash! Oh good times!

Moya managed to not only do the tag, she went above and beyond and took her results and wrote an utterly amazing satire piece!

Read It Here! 

with some well placed ohoho’s, shopping carts, and chauffeur the laughter didn’t stop coming. Also, whenever the emo hairdresser was mentioned, here’s what I ended up picturing.

th (2)

Again, Great job Moya!!


Ab Worship

When people bow down and start worshipping your abs…


Guys I’ve seen better…


Hey, I have a joke everyone! My pastor told it to me a week ago.

Q: What does a farmer say when he can’t find his tractor?

A: Where’s my tractor?


I beg for your forgiveness! And I beg, well, I ask for your comments! What made you laugh this week?

Have a great week Everyone!





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