Blogger Recognition Award: A History and Some Advice

My goodness, I have so many award posts to write right now that it’s ridiculous. I have eleven to write, more or less, at the moment, so I’ll refrain from accepting rewards for a while, unless I’ve never received then before, because new award are cool.

This time I was nominated for the blogger recognition award by two people,Β Β Irina and TheSpookyRedhead Both of them are awesome and so very sweet. If you haven’t followed them yet then hop over to their blogs!

This is the first and now second time I’ve been recognized for this award and it makes me feel all bubbly!

The Rules

  1. Say thanks to who nominated you and leave a link back to that persons blog.
  1. Give the story or history of your blog.
  1. give two or more pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  1. Nominate 10 other bloggers.
  1. Comment on the nominated blogs and let them know they’ve been nominated and leave a link to the post.

Ok, so you want to know the story of my blog? I’m not like most of you anime bloggers our there. I wasn’t looking for a community to talk to about anime with, because I didn’t know anyone in real life (but I don’t have anyone and I’m really glad for this community because of that now), nor like any other reasons I have heard.

I have always known that I wanted to blog. I also, after much experimentation, knew I had to have a specific topic to tie me down our I wouldn’t know what to talk about. I never knew what niche to blog about though. I thought about book blogging, but I never felt like it was for me. I thought about blogging about comic books, but I would have wanted to keep up with all the new happenings at marvel and dc and I am too cheap to buy the comics at $3.99 each and every month.

Anime was not something I pictured myself blogging about, because I never watched it. Ok, I saw three anime before last year, but I didn’t finish them and they didn’t light the spark that now is lit inside me. (Speed racer, school rumble, and Shugo Chara) The one exception was Full Moon Wo Sagashite, but I watched it casually over three years.

Last spring I was watching the Star Trek fan series “Star Trek Continues” and me and my family really enjoyed it. The series stars the huge star trek fan Vic Mignonia, aka the voice of Tamaki Suoh (Ouran) and Edward Elric. I didn’t know he did anime, but when i saw he was going to be at a local comic con, my family knew we wanted to meet him.

After hearing Vic talk about his anime career at his panel, I decided to check out Ouran High School Host Club and I very quickly watched the entire series via YouTube. I then watched a few other things and I thought to myself, “hey, I could write a blog about how I’m an anime newbie!” So I did! I started this because it was a singular hobby I could blog about and nor spend a ton of money on. Now I love it!


Two pieces of advice for new bloggers

1. Don’t worry about how long or short your posts are. While some people will find your length tedious or wish your posts were longer, they don’t really matter. It’s what you want to write that matters. Eventually you will find your audience and they will appreciate your style. I like that lengths varie, because I read a good fifty plus blogs now and some are long and some are short.

2. Make the most of the community that is here. Go out and find other blogs. Leave comments where you have something to say. There are awards, shout outs, collabs, and so many other ways to interact with other bloggers.

The people here are amazing and getting to know them is so fun. I think it’s the best part of blogging and it isn’t something I ever thought about before I experienced it. This is the nicest community I have ever been a part of, everyone is so nice and respectful so don’t be the person to change that.


So, I’m not going to nominate anyone today. My nominees in the coming award posts will be sporadic at best. I always have a hard time choosing, because I don’t always know who has already done the award recently and I don’t want to choose someone who has decided they won’t take any more. Rest assured, you are all awesome and deserve this, so yay for you!!!!




25 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award: A History and Some Advice

  1. Congratulations! πŸŽ‰ Very good advice to new bloggers and all you say about the community is so very true. I am so happy I got involved with all you wonderful people. Blogging became more than just writing down words suddenly. So yeah. Also, sorry for, you know, giving you tons to do. But I think three from me are like the same so you can always do them in one swoop. πŸ˜ŽπŸ™ˆ

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    1. Oh, don’t feel sorry, I accepted the challenge from you out of fun. I really enjoy doing award posts, I just don’t want to only do award posts. I honestly was thinking about how you have continuously nominated me when I wrote about the fun interaction part, its fun!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad. 😊 Well, it has been a hard (yeah, maybe not that hard) week with only awards. I was a little bit hesitant to if I should only do awards or mix it up with other posts but in hindsight I am pretty satisfied with having a week with only awards. It sort of likes neat having my sports guys lined up like that. 😎

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  2. Wow 11 awards!? I didn’t even know that many existed! Really good job, congratulations!
    I liked your advice as well, making the most of the community here is also a really great idea!

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    1. Well, there are a few doubled up in there, but it is honestly staggering, the amount of different ones I have seen passed around.

      I know you really started enjoying yourself once you reached out to others, so you helped inspire my advice for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! It’s great advice and it’s good to give feedback to others even if they don’t respond or care since it’s fun! If I don’t like something though I never say, I feel bad for saying it unless they want criticism. I don’t often find a lot to criticize but when I do it just feels wrong too.

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        1. There is a fine line, especially since criticism can be taken the wrong way, even if you mean well. If they aren’t looking for criticism And asking for it, then they probably don’t want it. I consider blogging my hobby, not my job and while I take it seriously, I don’t need people to tear apart and analyze how I’m doing it. Though, I would take a little, if someone were to give it constructively.

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  3. That’s some fantastic advice shadow. I don’t know who Vic is but good on him for making yuo discover anime! (Although I’m a little sad to hear a man voices Ed in English…)

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    1. Yeah, he does a really good job though, his energy is astounding. I’ve watched a couple sub episodes and I like the voice for Ed in them too though. I’m hoping to eventually watch the entire series with subs.

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      1. I have an odd foundness for male charachters with female voice actors. It’s coincidental but at some point I realized it was a common thread in a lot of my favorite characters and it seems to be holding true. Now I just need to find some female characters with male voice actors to balance it out

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  4. Such awesome advice! I really love the one about post length! And that’s awesome that you’ve managed to find other bloggers to talk to about anime, and what you said about the community is just too sweet ^_^

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  5. Congratulations in both of your nominations! You really deserve them! πŸ˜€ It’s funny how you come up with the idea for this blog! πŸ˜€ I went with a completely different route! I knew I wanted to blog and I though to myself “Which are the things that I never get bored doing?” and I came up with Anime and Video Games xD

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