The Chuckle and Chortle Collection Week Two

Welcome to the second week of my new feature, the chuckle and Chortle collection. Since it seems a lot of people didn’t see last week’s post I’ll leave a link Here.

This is where I share with everyone the wonderful anime and anime related moments that made me laugh during the week. It’s really fun collecting these.


Cats (bananas?) In the bathroom

You have to love it when that particularly rambunctious cat starts tearing apart your bathroom. Toilet paper, toothpaste, Kleenex, it all winds up everywhere. Sometimes you really hope they didn’t drink out of the toilet. Now imagine if you will a bunch of tiny banana cats deciding to check out the bathroom. Heee, this episode of Bananya made me giggle.


You can’t see it, but he is vibrating.
Toothpaste taste yucky!



Cat loaves

Since I already had cats (sort of) in this week’s collection I decided I’d share this brilliant web comic strip I read this week. It’s from a brilliant web comic on web line about a one eyed cat named Saphie and her kitty siblings. It has a brilliant and hilarious imagining of how cats originate in the kitchen. I’m a sucker for cat loaves already…


Here’s the rest of it —


Feeding the fire

As some of you know I watched Howl’s Moving Castle this week. (Twice now) I absolutely loved the sentient fire Calcifir. He can ,of course, only be controlled by Howl, and this means only Howl can cook over Calcifir. When I saw what Howl did with the eggshells while cooking breakfast I not only had to wonder if this was one of the reasons why Calcifir was so obedient, I just had to laugh.


If you watch the movie, you will notice just how happy Cal looks in this scene and his yummy noises are so cute.


Blend S meme, Anime America Version

About the only anime YouTube channel I actively watch is Anime America. If I wasn’t in school, or wasn’t blogging and trying to keep up with everyone, I’d probably watch more. I usually find them very entertaining, especially their top ten lists. A little while ago they released the list, top ten memes from anime. You know that Blend S Meme? It’s at number five. The fowl mouthed, channel mascot, Tsumi is really having fun playing around with these memes and I bust out laughing when I saw his rendition of this one. It is at the 5:33 Mark.

Dammit Tsumi, you’re awesome!


Thanks for reading along as I shared all the moments that made me laugh this week, and of course feel free to share anything that made you laugh down in the comments below. Help my collection grow!!


8 thoughts on “The Chuckle and Chortle Collection Week Two

  1. This is a fun idea for a post series: really cool! Well the moment that made me laugh this week was on Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens, when the main protagonist got talked down by a little girl not even close near his age. That was such a fun moment that I really had to laugh at 😂😂

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