Neon Genesis Evangelion first impression

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one those anime that is so revolutionary that it appears on just about every top ten anime list of anime you should watch before you die. I checked, it really is, except the ones where people got to do a popularity vote of course. It wasn’t long after I started reading blogs and watching YouTube videos about anime that I became aware of this show. I knew eventually I would have to watch it.

Thanks to Rossiroad on my brain is completely empty I started watching Evangelion on January first and will be finishing it, and every single movie that followed the series, by the end of the month. Rossiroad has taken it upon himself to write episode by episode reviews for the series and release one every day this month. Rossiroad writes the longest and most thoughtfully brilliant episode reviews I have come across and I moved Evangelion up on my watch list just so I could read theses posts. Here’s the link to rossiroad’s episode one review Angel attack.

Let me start by saying that I have never watched a mecha anime before, so this is my first dip into the genre. According to various sources I have actually explored this genre in other mediums, depending on the definition of mecha, which it seems to me alters slightly depending on the source. One definition was that a mecha is any type of mechanical suit that can be worn by humans. Since this definition isn’t defined by size that means iron man is mecha. Another definition was that it was any giant robot with arms and legs, controlled by a human or powered on its own. That means transformers is mecha. But I digress.

In Neon Genesis Evangelion the mecha are giant robots designed to be piloted in order to fight a powerful enemy known as the angels. The mecha, code named EVA, can only be piloted by 14 year olds. I’m not sure why, but it could have something to do with the initial Angel attack that devastated the planet 15 years ago. This puts Shinji a 14 year old boy whose father works on the EVA in the precarious position of having to pilot one of them. Piloting them isn’t all sunshine and roses, the mental affects of piloting the EVA seem to be quite severe and I am very concerned with What could happen to a person over the long-term.

After having watched the first four of the twenty-six episodes I’ve decided the series reminds me of two things: the post apocalyptic novels my mom gives to me and the agonizingly slow sci-fi movies Hollywood has been making over the past few years. It is a rare occasion for me to enjoy one of these, because to be honest both bore me to tears more often then not. Thankfully I’m still quite intrigued by Evangelion.

I’m caught between finding the strange chosen slow pace enjoyable and wishing the series was just as exciting as its opening. I find the way the fight scenes are broken up and the paused moments of character reflection utterly and awesomely brilliant. Both of these aspects send my mind deep into the world of speculation.

It’s an interesting anime to start the year off with, but something tells me I’m better off starting the year with Evangelion, then I would be ending the year with it.





14 thoughts on “Neon Genesis Evangelion first impression

  1. I’m really glad you like the series so much! To be honest I only watched EVA because it’s one of those must watch shows and EVA month was there to basically force me to do it! I’m really glad you decided to watch the show along with me as well! That shout out was really nice and it really made me happy! You have no idea how much better my day will be because of this! Honestly my reviews aren’t long and thorough by choice, it just came out that way and made EVA month a hell of a lot more difficult for me!

    The pacing is a really strange one for me and I can relate to your stance on it. It feels like Eva is the only show which can really get away with massively slow pacing and then sudden fast action because of how strongly the characters are written.

    Really loved this post, your opinions are really interesting to me! I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing one of these every four episodes or so but don’t do it unless you don’t want too! Im also interested to see what else you write in the future!

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    1. I’m glad my shout out made your day! Your writing really is excellent and very enjoyable. I’m glad you do them, even though they take you a lot of time.

      The characters are a huge plus in how much the pacing can get away with. It is a well written show.

      To be honest i would love to do something like this every few episodes, but classes just started for the semester and getting posts out every Monday and Friday will be getting more difficult. Maybe I’ll post a midway point review next week. Maybe. Lol.

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  2. Also I follow your blog and was waiting for this review yesterday, but now I realise that your posts aren’t appearing in my feed for some reason and I have no idea why. I’m not saying this because I was a day late (I dont think you’d mind that) but because its actually happened and I have no idea why. It says this was posted 17 hours ago but it doesn’t appear between an 18hr ago post and my 11hr ago one and is nowhere to be found on the tab. This is probably something I’ve done wrong but I thought I should let you know incase none of your followers are being notified.

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    1. It’s a problem that WordPress is having. Not having anyone show up in your feed. Irina on i drink and watch anime discovered a huge part of the problem was the tags you can use in reader to emphasize certain posts. Also the WordPress app is wonky. I’m not sure if there is anything i can do on my end. Since i follow a smaller group of people i still use email to get notified of new posts, but for a lot of people this isn’t an option due to the amount of people they follow.

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      1. If it’s a problem with tags can you link me to the place where you first heard about the tag problem? I’m just wondering if it’s a problem for me too since I can sometimes have no follower views for the first few hours of a post then three all at once later! That could be the issue.

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          1. The post said that it won’t appear if you don’t use any of the tags in your post that I also share. But that would mean you didn’t tag anime in the eva post! If you are not doing that you definitely should as it’s basically the only thing I use to look at bloggers I don’t follow. If that’s not the case then I think it’s the follower thing she mentioned so I will unfollow then follow to see if it works!

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