I guess I’m Unique!

Has any one stopped to think that sometimes we say that something is unique because we can’t think of a nicer way to describe it? No? Hmmmm… Just kidding. Being unique is awesome!


The Rules (copy pasted)

  1. Display Award
  2. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer questions they’ve written for you.
  4. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 bloggers and asks them 3 questions.

I had two awesome people nominate me for the unique blogger award. One of them was Matt from Matt in the hat who I absolutely love for his Friday funny posts. They are great! And the other was Yahari Bento at Yahari Bento  who I just realized i never followed (I wondered why i wasn’t getting any emails about new posts). Sorry i took so long to do this, I decided i had better answer these questions before the end of the year. Now i can finish 2017 with no unfinished obligations!!!

From Matt I received these questions

  • Do you have a guilty pleasure song?

The Riddler by Method Man. It is a rap song on the soundtrack for Batman forever. It is literally the only rap song i have ever listened to.

  • What’s your fictional crush?

Nightwing\Robin\Dick Grayson in any incarnation at this point. It all started with the exact same movie the above song was written for.

  • What is your favorite movie so far in 2017?

Oh my gosh! So many good movies! Thor, wonder woman, justice league, Spider-Man, guardians of the galaxy… But I’m going to have to say my favorite movie this year was the live action beauty and the beast adaptation. I haven’t seen star wars the last Jedi yet though…


These are from Yahari Bento

  • If you reincarnate as a spider that you need to survive in the cruel fantasy world and poisonous monsters are everywhere, when you level up and there are two choices for you to choose (Poison Skillor Poison Resist), which one you want to pick?

I am not an active fighter, I never go someplace seeking aggression, so i think i would choose poison resist, just in case another monster bit me.

  •  If you are a spider, you want to befriend with other monsters (social) or want to hunt them (savage)? (You can choose one only.)I

I am a social butterfly…uh spider.

  • Assume that you can choose color for your body (of course you are spider again), which color you want to paint? (You can choose more than one color.)

Red and blue baby! Spider-Man colours all the way!


Thanks for the fun questions guys!

For my own nominees i have chosen…



Ripe Mangoes


Nancy and Kathleen




Here are your questions If you decide to participate. If I didn’t nominate you, but you want to answer any of the questions feel free to do so in the comments! I’d love to hear everyone’s answers!

  • If you could strike anything from existence; person, place or thing, what would it be?
  • What’s is the funniest new years resolution you have ever heard?
  • Who was your biggest hero growing up, not now unless it hasn’t changed, but when you were a kid?

And the nominating goes on! Hehe!! Have fun in 2018 everyone!

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