Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto Review and Theory: Time Travel

This series was just wow.

I think this is honestly one of the most bizarre things I have ever watched, with the possible exception of some 80’s cartoons and Mr. Bean movies. I’m honestly not sure if I really liked it or not, in fact looking back I’m kind of just Meh.

The humor was really unorthodox and I found myself trying to categorize what type of humor it was and I guess you could say its a little bit of everything, but not. I briefly remember reading a quote about how humor is someone wanting something really bad and having a lot of obstacles get in their way. I think that’s about the only way I can describe it. Sakamoto is the ultimate obstacle when it comes to people wanting things from him, but then again one episode comes to mind where its more of a be careful what you wish for. I guess the only way to

Anyway, I’ll just say this show was weird. If I were to describe how it made me feel at times, I would say it made me feel like I was standing in a room of strangers in nothing but my underwear.  I guess this is why the term only in Japan exists.

underwear better
I’m the guy in the front row

Of the characters in the show there really is only one notable character and that’s Sakamoto.  Now when I say that what I mean is you could rewrite the whole show with a completely different set of characters and if you kept Sakamoto it would be the exact same show. That being said I did really like one of the supporting characters, Kubota, who is the type of guy that will always get picked on, but because of Sakamoto’s friendship he gets a bit of a break.

Honestly, if you want to know what this series is about but don’t want to watch it you can get the gist of the whole thing simply by watching the opening. I actually enjoyed the opening. I would go back and watch just the opening.

Now, I have a theory for this show to help explain it. Sakamoto is perfect and that doesn’t just happen. (Well, it does because this is Anime, but lets pretend not today.) There are a few theory’s flying around to explain how Sakamoto can do what he does and why no one knows anything about him.

1.  He’s dying and wants to live life to the fullest. This doesn’t explain how he can be perfect.
2. He’s a demon or a half demon. Interesting, but I think I can do better.
3. He’s an alien. This would explain an awful lot, and it ties into the OVA which I am ignoring and have no intention of ever watching.

My Theory is different from all of three of these and stems from the 2006 anime movie The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, my favorite of  the three anime movies I have watched so far. (One of the reasons I wrote this was so I could have an excuse to rewatch it in the middle of midterms) In the movie a girl named Makoto encounters a small piece of technology from the future that charges her body and allows her to travel through time when she leaps into the air.

My theory is that Sakamoto is a time leaper from the future and is using this technology to make himself look cool during his visit to the past.

This theory would explain how Sakamoto is able to avoid certain things or look cool in the face of confronting them. Like how would anyone know to take an umbrella with them into a bathroom stall? Only someone who has future knowledge that someone’s going to dump a bucket of water on their heads while they’re taking a dump!


Sakamoto, what the heck are you even doing in the bathroom?

Also, Sakamoto is always leaping everywhere. This could be him time traveling! He also disappears after falling down into a hole at one point, so maybe he ended up time traveling.


Time leap.jpg

If you’ve seen the series you might say that Sakamoto doesn’t always have absolutely everything go his way, there are so many other things he could have gone back in time to fix. Well, if you know anything about time travel you know that sometimes no matter what you do things don’t always go your way, (fixed points in time anyone?). There’s also the fact that in this type of time travel it is established, via the movie, that you only have a certain number of times you can leap. Sakamoto might have to pick and choose whether or not to go back in time depending on the situation.

Lastly, this theory explains why no one knows anything about Sakamoto outside of school. He’s from the future, he doesn’t have an established past and can’t let anyone know about it. It also explains why he has to leave and why saying he’s going to America is a good excuse to cover his tracks.

So what do you think of my theory? Could Sakamoto be a time traveler? What are some holes that you see? I’m just doing this for fun so feel free to tear my theory apart at the seams.

5 thoughts on “Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto Review and Theory: Time Travel

  1. There are many problems I have with the theory but I think it’s a pretty funny idea! And it’s probably a better explanation than “he’s just cool. Deal with it”. I personally think it’d be more likely he’s great at reading situations and predicting the future but I know what you mean.

    The death theory also doesn’t explain the reason why he’s so acrobatic and cool, it just provides an alternate opinion which says that he was lying about the NASA mars mission and left school because he was going to die.

    I’ve also not heard those other theories, I might have to look into them…

    And the OVA kind of sucks. So you made the right decision.

    Sorry I don’t agree with the theory, I do like it though so it’s already far better than the death theory people have got behind for no real reason whatsoever.

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    1. Don’t be sorry, I came up with theory just because it sounded fun. Personally I’m not all behind the theory, your probably right about him just being good at reading situations and people. I’m glad you found it funny, that was the goal more then anything!

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