My introduction to Anime and Manga

When I was younger I never had the opportunity to watch Anime or read Manga. My parents didn’t understand Pokémon or any of the other shows that flooded our Saturday morning TV screen and so they decided to buy DVD box sets of old cartoons and watch those instead, of which I am extremely grateful.

Eventually I became curious about this foreign entertainment that all my friends seemingly enjoyed and I began to ask for recommendations whenever someone proclaimed to be an Anime fan and wanted to know why I wasn’t. They, being all boys it seemed, would only recommend shows to me like Attack on Titan which did not appeal and I grew discouraged.

Eventually I began to tell people that I didn’t care for the general animation style that I saw in Anime, which I am sure frustrated people. I also would begin arguing with people that put down American comic books in favor of Manga, because Manga was better then comic books. Manga is a comic book too, I still stand by this and it is the content and whether or not you enjoy that content that makes it good.

As the years passed and more people told me I needed to watch Anime (I really don’t recall anyone trying to convince me to read Manga, go figure) I finally decided I was going to do some research and find my own Anime to enjoy, not something someone recommended. The Anime I discovered was Full Moon Wo Sagashite and after three years (we wont discuss why it took me so long) I finished both the Anime and the Manga.

I finished Full Moon a few weeks ago and loved it. Then I met Vic Mignogna, an Anime voice actor, who I actually was excited to see for his fan produced series of Star Trek continues. Meeting him and getting to hear him speak about Anime made me really want to check out some of his stuff and so I have been watching Ouran High School Host Club.

Needless to say a whole new world has opened up before me and I am excited to jump right on in and enjoy. I probably won’t watch Bleach or Attack on Titan, but I will find the shows that I can enjoy. I plan on sharing my journey from Anime and Manga Newbie, to hardcore Anime and Manga fan. Please join me as I explore The World of Anime and Manga.

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